Are Walker exact-fit catalytic converters OK?

Hi folks,
I wasn’t sure who if anybody reviews these things, so I’d like to ask mechanics and consumers what their opinions are about Walker exact-fit cats.

I’d use them, Walker is a major exhaust sytem brand.

Walker is an OEM supplier…Are you sure you need a new cat?

I wouldn’t hesitate to use one. They might have even made your original cat converter. They’re a vendor to the automotive manufacturing world.

But, as Caddyman said, just be sure a cat converter is actually what you need.

I used one on my Riviera after the old one rusted off.

Walker makes excellent exhaust components. I wouldn’t be afraid to use them.

I think Walker is perhaps the most known and trusted names in aftermarket exhaust market. Likely make OEM products as well. If you can’t trust Walker, who else is better?

Probably better than the “we’ll make it fit” stuff. Remember the battery commercial where two guys were beating on a Camaro to make their in stock battery fit?

Walker catalysts are good parts. I install them as often as I can.