Are Valvoline batteries any good

Been needing a new car battery for a bit but are Valvoline car batteries any good has anyone had any experience with them? Can’t find to much info on them

I’m waiting for a Nike or Adidas battery.

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There are only a few companies which actually manufacture car batteries, and most of the brands you can buy are just re-badged from one of these large OEMs. In fact, the overwhelming majority of car batteries sold in the U.S. are made by Johnson Controls–including most of the big auto parts store house brands.

If I was in the market for a car battery, I would buy the Deka brand if it’s available in a size which fits the vehicle in question. Deka batteries are U.S. made, and very reliable.


I guess Valvoline batteries are sold at their oil change places . No way would I let them or Jiffy Lube change batteries in my vehicle . I use a local family owned tire store that has had the same employees for a long time .

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I let anyone change my battery, for free even. When shopping for one I go by CCA, not name or brand.


There are only a few companies manufacturing auto batteries. One company may manufacture them for a dozen different venders so it does not make any difference which one you buy IMO.
Wal Mart branded batteries along with Interstate and Optima batteries for instance; made by Johnson Controls whose battery operation was sold a few years ago.

I just go by CCA and use the largest which will fit. You can never have too many CCA.


I’ve just been buying Delco. I don’t know who makes them. I thought Interstate was at NAPA and made by East Penn. I only had one but didn’t keep the car long enough to know how it was. I don’t buy Walmart batteries anymore. Don’t know who makes them either.

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Higher CCA means that there are more electrodes in the battery, and that those electrodes are more fragile. The battery will be more easily harmed by over discharging. In my opinion you’re wasting your money if by buying a battery with higher CCA than needed. The money would be better spent on a marine deep cycle battery, or saved and spent on the next battery purchase. Higher CCA does not mean that the number of engine hours (charging hours) that the battery will last before needing replacement is higher.

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My Mitsubishi came with a Panasonic battery. Long gone.

Possibly,but doubtful to me.

Panasonic batteries are made in Japan,
Valvoline (JCI) batteries are manufactured in the US and Mexico, nothing in common.

That may be true in some cases. These electrodes are actually called plates. To increase the amperage you increase the surface area of the plates. Either by adding more plates or having larger plates. If you want to keep the physical battery size the same you must use more, but thinner plates, it’s also cheaper. On the other hand you can add more of the same thickness plates by increasing the battery case size, more expensive. As just one example.
Interstate Batteries:
M-35HC 540 CCA 9.063”(L) x 6.938”(W) x 8.875”(H)
MX-49/H8 900 CCA 13.938”(L) x 6.938”(W) x 7.5”(H)
Looks like more plates (almost 5” longer case) without sacrificing thickness to me. That’s just one example, there are many more. Please stop generalizing, it can be so mis-leading, not to mention annoying.

I’ve been told that the “freshness” (recently manufactured vs. old and sitting on a shelf) of the new battery is also important.

Is that true?

Yes it is. Why buy a battery with part of the warranty gone. Most places base warranty on the production date not the date on your receipt.

I’m not an engineer, a mechanic, a battery expert, but just a consumer. The cca value of a battery is the overall capacity as I understand it. My car has a 650 cca but my lawn mower has a 275 cca. The difference is the capacity to do the job in the environment such as Minnesota.

A car or lawn mower battery does not continually discharge to be charged up again. They are continuously being charged to maintain a charge. A marine battery is designed for numerous discharge cycles without harm. A car battery cannot withstand many discharges before failing. There is no advantage to using a marine battery in a car just as it would be foolish to use a car battery for trolling in a boat.

As I said I check my batteries several times a year for their voltage and cca. When the cca starts dropping below 80% of what it was when new, I replace the battery. It costs me $125 for the car and $70 for the lawn mower. Usually four years. I tell the clerk the old battery still works if the want put it in their old truck.

I used to buy my batteries at Walmart because I could get an exchange at 2:00 in the morning if I needed to. Since they quit doing that, I just want a quality battery to begin with so buy delco from car quest. In a pinch I bought Napa. That’s what I do and everyone can decide for themselves. Three times I have needed a jump start in rhe past and it has never been convenient. I have never had a battery failure with my current practice.

No experience w/that brand of automobile battery. I’ve had pretty good success w/Walmart batteries myself. Last time I bought one there, they had two kinds, one around $50, the other around $100. The $100 version lasted longer than the $50 version, but not twice as long.

Yes, it’s true.

You grab a battery from the back of the rack because it’s the freshest.

The longer a battery sits on the rack, the more likely the battery has began to sulfate and can lead to shorter battery life.


A couple batteries ago I asked about date when he brought to the counter. He said they get battery deliveries every day so they are all fresh. Sell a lot of batteries. Probably why when I called first to see if they had one in stock just sai sure.

I’m sure they do.

But only for battery’s that they’re getting low on stock.

That doesn’t indicate the life of any of the battery’s on the rack.


I went through a period where I couldn’t get a Wal-Mart battery to last the warranty. They seemed to have some quality issues and I am sure it was a special line just for them. I even got their gold model.

Parts store batteries have served me better but the last WM battery was purchased after other stores were closed and did pretty well for me and actually lasted the warranty.

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