Are used car prices about to drop?

This expert (??) thinks so:

I did sleep at holiday inn a few weeks ago and I think prices for cars are stable.

I dunno, I just scanned the article but didn’t make a lot of sense. Used cars come from people buying new cars or rental companies buying cars. So on the one hand cars are being repoed because of the dire economy? Then more people will be buying the limited supply of new cars?

I haven’t looked at sales data but I suspect people are less likely to buy new now because of the economic uncertainty. When demand falls enough to cross the supply line, new car prices will fall. Then maybe used car prices will fall to meet demand. This all depends on fixing the severe supply chain issues though that I don’t see happening soon.

Maybe a severe economic crash will get us back to equilibrium. I usually end up buying in a recession so we’ll see. Worth what you paid for it. Refunds cheerfully made.

Concur, whatever point the author trying to make, poorly done, unclear. Divining rod guess, author seems to believe new car payments are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Wouldn’t that lead people to buy more used cars, sustaining the current used car pricing? IMO used car price hikes related to covid fears, and not much evidence covid is declining much. Cases increasing, high risk on risk map, masks still required in most indoor settings this area. Until covid definitely behind us, don’t see much change in used car pricing myself.