Are these tires properly on the rim?

I recently replaced had two tires replaced on my wife’s 2006 Toyota Corolla. She complained that they looked a little flat. The air pressure seems okay, 30 psi, but they do seem to bulge at the bottom. They also seem a bit further back on the rim then previous tires we have had. I can see maybe a pencil’s width where before it was maybe half that. Does anything look like a concern? Thanks!

I think the problem could be that the plastic wheel covers are not properly affixed to the rim. I suggest that you give them several strong taps–with a rubber mallet–all around their circumference before one or more of them fly off the rim.

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Do closeup pic of rim “gap” on new tire and add pic of current, old tire

The tires are properly on the rim The gap is the plastic wheel cover

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I tried to take some pictures. Here is a new photo. The one on the left is the existing tire. The one on the right is the new. In real life the left isn’t showing as much of the rusted rim but they are different tires, the old is Uniroyal and new is Continental. The new also looks like it … kind of curves under the rim? While the old looks like it goes more straight down to it if that makes any sense.

I’m mostly just trying to determine if the new/right seems okay. Thanks!

What are the sizes of the old and new tires?

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Size is what came to mind for me too.

They are both 195/65R15 91H. I can confirm that both tires say that.

Good, then if all 4 are inflated to the same psi you should be good to go, I see nothing wrong from the photos.

edit - I would check the pressures every week or so, say first thing in the morning before driving. The rims look a bit rusted, so I’d want to make sure there wasn’t any leaking going on.

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First, I think those are properly seated. We’re looking at the differences in the shape of the lower sidewall.

Second, even if they weren’t fully seated, there’s enough force due to the air pressure that a little bit of driving will cause them to seat.


If they’re holding air then they’re on properly.

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