Are swollen lug nuts a real phenomenon?

Is there such a thing as swollen lug nutsI recently took the initiative to do a brake job on my 2013 Ford Escape. I found I couldn’t remove the lug nuts on the wheels. I tried using the wrench included withe the car, the universal wrench from my truck and a 19mm deep shell socket from my tool box, nothing worked.
The wrench would not fit over the lugs.

I asked at a local tire place about the problem and the guy in line behind me added that he’d had the same problem. He said the lug nuts swell due to the two piece construction of chrome over steel allowing corrosion to get in-between the two. I googled it and sure enough
Other people have had the same problem.

I had the tire shop replace my wheels and also put the on the stainless steel lugs, ordered from Amazon. (Apparently have have better tools than me.)

I just finished a 5,00 mile trip out west and am relieved that I had no issues. Luckily I found this out before I tried to change a flat out in Timbuctwo.

Confused in Dayton


Yup, a real thing and not just on Fords. Go Dragons!