Are Spare Tire Hoists for Chevy Pickups really different?

I was stuck on a beach in Nevada with a flat tire. I have never had one before (I get good tires) and my hoist was fouled up from never-being-used. I had to unbolt it and ruin it to get the spare out. So now I am in search of a new spare tire hoist for this 2005 silverado 1500. I found one for an HD 3500 that is much cheaper and looks the same as the 1500… are the spare tire hoist assemblies really different for these two trucks of the same model year?

The boys are asking for a lot more money for the 3500 and I dont want to get taken for a ride. Sometimes parts fit other model years just fine or other models of the same truck just fine. Is this one of those cases?


Even good tires will go flat, if a nail goes all the way through, for example

Also make sure to replace the valve stem when getting new tires installed

Anyways . . . why did you mention the 3500HD?

Who are “the boys” . . . auto junkyard?

This is what you want to get, if you don’t intend to buy the part from the dealer. Click on the application tab. You’ll note the 3500HD is not listed, so I think it won’t work. Anyways, the 3500HD uses much bigger rims and tires.

I had a puncture, which as you stated, happens. I am in the field about 150 days a year and I get 12 ply tires with HD sidewalls too to avoid rips and leaks and all that. Good advice about the valve stem.

I mentioned the 3500 because when I looked up the spare tire hoist via an online parts dealer (the boys) it game me options to get a hoist for a 3500, 2500 or 1500. Mine is the 1500.

My confusion/ question stems from the fact that the photo of the 3500;s hoist looks like my old one and the photo for the 1500 does not. I realize that the photos can often times misrepresent the part… Additionally the 3500;s hoist is about $35 cheaper.

So had to ask the question…

Sure the photos look the same but it is not the same part. I’ve bought on of these, I know. The cables get tangled or the safety latch that keeps the tire from dropping off if the cable breaks rusts closed. This is a common problem with all GM trucks that use this hoist. I’ve been down that road.

Bite the bullet and order a new one designed for your truck. Do not use a junkyard part even if you could find one that still works (you won’t!). If you order the 3500 one, you will have to return it so buy the right one the first time.

OK… good deal. Thanks for the helpful comments.