Are My Chevy Questions Too Hard?

Have not had any takers on my questions today and I’m wondering why! 1989 Chevy Cheyenne and 2001 Silverado Z71. Please help!!

Yep too HARD!

A/C on a chevy.(THE easiest vehicles to work on)had to answer,sounded like a challenge.

TAKE IT TO AN A-C SHOP before you hurt yourself.

good luck.

There are lots of things that can be wrong with an A/C system besides the belt and refrigerant (which is not freon anymore). How do you KNOW it has enough refrigerant? Did you buy a kit and put a can in? Perhaps it leaked right out. Have you checked the compressor fuse? That’s a simple possibility.

Frankly I think crankwalk has a good point.

I knew this comment would get someone’s attention.

I didn’t see the original posts and it’s a bit difficult to diagnose an A/C problem with no information.

Pressures need to be known, if the evaporator outlet tube is cold and sweating, compressor engaged, what if anything has been done up to this point, etc.

Also, A/C repair can be a bit dangerous for the novice and considering the ages of the vehicles I’d be surprised if there’s not a leak or two on them.