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Are mercury parts interchangeable with ford parts?

So I recently go into an accident (rearended) and we took it to the autobody shop and they said we needed to replace the reinforcement bar. But my Mercury mariner has a hitch, so therefore it doesn’t have a bar… It’s welded to the hitch. Because I have no idea what the piece on top that is welded to it is.

Would a Ford Escape trailer hitch fix this?

Or would it be better to just put the reinforcement bar that I bought that doesn’t have a trailer hitch on, and then just go get a trailer hitch and attach it below the reinforcement bar, to the frame of the car?

This is the side view of what it looks like

The only parts of your car that are not the same as Ford Escape parts are the taillights, the grill, the nameplates, and some interior and exterior trim items.
Other than those things, everything is interchangeable.

In fact, another option for you is to use parts from a Mazda Tribute.
All 3 vehicles were built on the same assembly line and are structurally and mechanically identical, with only minor trim differences.

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Are you trying to repair this yourself because the other party does not have insurance. If insurance is paying for this then the vehicle should be returned to as close to what it was including hitch. If you have to use your own insurance (providing you have full coverage) then just pay the deductible and have it fixed properly.

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I’m trying to repair it myself because the other party doesn’t have insurance. My deductible would cost more than it would to just fix it, that’s why I am trying to fix it. I’m trying to save money.

Don’t you have uninsured motorist coverage . . . ?!

I only have liability.

If you are here asking about parts then I strongly suggest you pay your deductible or use uninsured coverage that way the repair has some warranty.

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And the guy that hit you is a penniless pauper and won’t/can’t pay for the repair, or any part of it . . . ?!

Nope. He won’t pay for it. Because he claims it was my fault that he wasn’t paying attention. I’m just here to make sure that Ford/Mazda parts should fit my vehicle.

He hit you, and he’s blaming you, yet it was HIM that wasn’t paying attention . . . ?!

Since you won’t be using your insurance and won’t be collecting any money, I suggest you let your body shop source the part for you. Since the vehicle is older, I assume you won’t object to aftermarket parts to save money

Question . . . do you actually NEED the hitch?

Did you at least report this accident . . . this jerk that hit you definitely needs to get some points on his driving record. For all the good it’ll do, since he won’t be getting insurance, anyways

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I did report it.

And I don’t need the hitch at the moment… But down the road I will be buying a trailer to haul my fourwheeler around…

It appears the factory hitch is integrated into the reinforcement bar on hitch equipped Escape/Mariners. You could install the no-hitch reinforcement bar and buy an aftermarket hitch.