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Are Engine mount bushings important?

I have a '02 Toyota Camry and I was shown by the service adviser at the dealership that my upper engine mount rubber bushing is cracked. He told me that good chance that the lower one would also be cracked as well and he recommended they should be replaced…$540 worth!!! This car has run 158K beautifully so far. Should I bite the bullet and do it?

If they’re worn, they should be replaced. These prevent the engine from twisting too far under power which can have an effect on other unrelated components.

But the price is a little high for this repair. The dealer will charge more for this simple repair than an independant garage. So shop around.


I just had that done on my '96 ES, it caused the top pipe on my radiator to crack because of the engine rocking, so, yes, it’s worth doing to avoid bigger costs, if you plan to keep the car. Engine also seemed smoother after the fix.

Thanks Tester.

Did you replace both mounts and how much did you pay? Since your name is Texas related do you know any reliable mechanics in the Arlington, DFW area?

Yes I did both mounts, I’ll see if I can find the cost tomorrow. I took it to Davenport Motors in Plano, they just opened a new place at 2419 Inwood, but they’re Lexus-only. You might check the Mechanix files on this web site.