Are any Rotors or Drums Made in the USA nowadays?

You can no longer buy aftermarket Brake Rotors or Drums Made In USA. Even if it says made in the USA they are getting slugs from china and machining them here.

Are OEM rotors made in the USA still? If so i will just buy them there.

I went to my local NAPA to buy new rotors for my parents car, It used to be that you could spend some extra money and buy NAPA gold rotors and get nice quality Made in the USA rotors. No longer my friends. Some vendors claim USA manufacturing, but they’re selling foreign-made blanks machined (slotted and/or drilled) in the USA. The local Napa guy was upset too, he said there are no aftermarket USA rotors to be had.

Brake rotors are no longer manufactured in the United States or Canada for aftermarket consumption. The “domestic” brands you may be familiar with (Raybestos,Wagner, Bendix, Centric, Motorcraft, Delco) are all manufactured in China/Taiwan. The plants and foundries that used to manufacture for aftermarket in the US and Canada have discontinued production. In addition, the European brands (Brembo, ATE, TRW, etc.) are sourcing a significant portion of their aftermarket rotors from China and Taiwan. Even Mexican rotor manufacturing is practically nonexistent today.

Side note-

I went to the local hardware store to look at lawnmowers, there was a MTD with a Chinese engine, I wanted to go into the store and buy a chinese hammer and smash the riding mower to pieces to make a point. I am getting Sick and Darned tired of this crap. At least I still can buy American toilet paper!

I will NEVER own a Chinese lawnmower engine!! I will rebuild an old clunker before I EVER own a Chinese engine!!

One day soon the American people will wake up to discover their nation is bankrupt. Our trade policies are strangling us. The Chinese and Arab oil producers, rich with cash dollars are scoffing up our treasury bills and are now buying land/infrastructure in America. They are the bankers holding our mortgage while we continue to expand our debt and export our industry. Once proud American companies are being bought up by overseas investment. Foreign nations are holding our debt and buying up our nation. Meanwhile, American citizens greedily seek to acquire more ‘stuff’, produced over seas for pennies. New storage facilities are the fastest growing segment in construction. People no longer have room in their over mortgaged houses to store all their ‘stuff’. Oh! Whoa to America!! and who is to blame?

Last I heard, EBC is made in England.

I don’t think all the blame should be placed on the consumer. It’s Wall Street demanding quarterly profits or stock prices will fall. Look up Walgreens. They said they would not shift their headquarters overseas to avoid taxes and their stock price was hammered. Then CEO’s compensation is made up of stock options. Needless to say he wants a high stock price. Layoff workers. Outsource jobs to china and your stock will go up.

Walgreens stock dropped when they announced that they were considering moving their headquarters overseas, not after they announced that they would not. Our tax laws have always favored overseas corporations and finally Congress and the President are considering legislation to level the playing field. Will it get passed, not likely.

Outsourcing the jobs and moving the headquarters are two completely different issues.

@keith is correct. I have EBC green stuff pads and front rotors on my TR6. They are excellent IMHO. I also have red stuff pads on my Mustang, though the rotors are Italian

I understand outsourcing and moving headquarters overseas sound like different issues, but they are not. They both have to do with increasing profits for share holders and Wall Street. Therefore increasing executives salaries.

the events in the world make the situation truly frightening. if a major war erupts we are not in a good position

Well, @WheresRick, I live in a town where 85% or more of the steel industry has died/been killed off. It’s kinda hard to make steel brake discs in a nation without steel mills, isn’t it?

the events in the world make the situation truly frightening. if a major war erupts we are not in a good position

I wonder if getting our economies all globally mixed in this fashion, plus so many players armed with nukes, makes major war practically impossible though.

have you seen the news? there is a global jihad going on. there are beheadings, crucifixions, enslavement of women happening as we speak. there is genocide of yazidis, and the Christians are fleeing in the 100s of thousands. the muslim kurds are under siege as well.

from Nigeria to china to the middle east and the former soviet republics, the radical muslims are working toward world domination.

when they say they are coming here, we had better believe them. we did not take bin laden seriously and we paid. these guys have have established an Islamic state in Iraq Syria and now Lebanon. Jordan is scared to death that they are next. if Pakistan falls to the Taliban they will have nukes.

I m not so worried about Russia, china or even iran. they love life. this is different. they are barbarians who behead children and enslave wives and daughters.

if you think we will never face a threat at home, I can only say that it will be the first time in history that it was so. no other nation has lasted forever.

I only hope that we stand together as freedom loving people and stop the right - left infighting that is dividing us. if not I fear we have little future.

we said never again to genocide, we had better back that up with proactive measures.

it is useless to bicker over past mistakes by both parties. we must face this as one people.

there you go @Mechaniker‌ . no more temerity

p.s.- there are many peace loving muslims who are scared to death, in case anyone took this wrong

and that focuses the fear on the disruption of the global supply chain.
whether it be car parts , oil, medicine, food, steel glass, etc…our current business model of just-in-time inventory re-supply is massively dependent on this interlacing chain of events .
From raw materials , to component manufacture ,to sub-assembly of major parts ,to the final assembly of products…you break one link and we’re sunk.


The crusades . . . in the middle ages? . . . weren’t much better than what’s going on now

The forces commanded by Richard the lionhearted committed some serious atrocities

What about the catholic church?

Plenty of blood, lives, torture, etc., on their hands. And I’m not even talking about the present

Andrew Jackson . . . while expanding the size of the US, he made life a living hell for many people

When you think about the US . . . I love this country, by the way . . . remember that it was created partly out of the misery and suffering of many

Here’s my point . . . even the ones that history remembers as the good guys, have been responsible for some of the worst behavior in human history

One day soon the American people will wake up …
I doubt it. If Americans were smart, they would have had single-payer health care 25 years ago, like the rest of the industrialized world.

… their nation is bankrupt.
It would truly have been bankrupt last winter if the GOP-led Congress had forced the federal government to default on its debt. At best, all they managed to do was shut down the government for a few weeks. See where that got them.
Our trade policies are strangling us.
You can blame that on the free trade agreements your corporate presidents brought to fruition: Clinton -> Bush -> Obama -> Hillary (?, oh dread the day). Wait until you see the TPP agreement that Obama has in store for you after this year’s election.
The Chinese and Arab oil producers, rich with cash dollars are scoffing up our treasury bills …
US treasury bills pay almost zero interest. Countries buy them because the notes are deemed secure (unless the Tea Party gains full control).
Once proud American companies are being bought up by overseas investment.
Those “once proud American companies” are moving their manufacturing base overseas to exploit cheap foreign labor.
Meanwhile, American citizens greedily seek to acquire more ‘stuff’ …
I see, it’s the fault of the greedy but rapidly diminishing American middle class.
Oh! Whoa to America!! and who is to blame?
An uninformed American public which don’t know their own best interests, and which votes for dysfunctional government is to blame.

Absolutely agree with @kengreen The supply chain issue and our dependence on parts from potential enemy nations has me very concerned. How fast could we re-tool if we had to to poduce vital equipment and materials without the machine tools, engineers, and skilled workers? Even vital military electronics comes from Asia. I do hope the Russians enjoy their domestic autos and the lack of US parts for their US cars though.

I’ve been ringing the outsourcing and globalization warning bell for a number of years. A number of causes but short term thinking by upper management is right up there. Now ISIS plans to plant their flag over the white house. Maybe they already have depending on how you look at it. I think this should be a national security priority as well as an economic priority but good luck with that.

ooh, cool color bullet points mechaniker, haven’t seen that here before.
how do we do that ?

Hello, there. I can’t predict for certain where this discussion will go, but it looks like a sizable portion of the discussion has veered far from cars. Maybe it will loop back, but please be mindful of staying reasonably close to the automotive world, broad as that is. As always, thank you!

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Global unrest is of utmost importance to our supply of vehicle parts ( car related subject matter ) in a country so heavily reliant on the wheeled transportation of every single aspect of our lives.
That realization brings to the fore the overall importance of a globally inter-dependent supply chain.

in my Ford dealer parts department…when the economy crashed a few years back and some of our smaller component manufacturers closed it was a MAJOR eye opener just how dependent we are on the global markets remaining viable all the way down to the resistors, circuit boards, plastic clips, springs, paint, bulbs, wire, raw plastics, steel, aluminum, even the thread that the upholstery is sewn with. Each step dependent on the numerous suppliers in the chain. Huge delays became the norm with ‘‘component shortage’’ as the number one excuse for the lack of part availability.

So it seemed quite natural to go from rotors to WMD in this kind of round table banter.
It’ll come back around in the daylight hours when more regulars join in.

db, you re killin’ me!
are you really talking about the crusades?
my goodness man.

I m talking about forgetting the blame game and addressing today s problem.
together, as one people.

I m asking you all to stop harping on what happened last year and you are talking 1000 yr old errors.
of course we should learn from history, but today is what we should face.
eve ate that damned apple, should we still punish women? every people in history that has attained power has committed violence. including in the holy land before the crusades, before mohammed, before Israel, before ancient Egypt. the cavemen probably took the best cave thru violence.

I m saying stop the right left bickering. neither party deserves total loyalty.
liberty does.
remember after 9/11 when we all stood together for a while?
after pres. Obama was elected, I was happy to see that at least my black friends felt like they mattered in this nation, and figured at least the insurance companies would get theirs. that didn t work out, but its time to unite.

if we can t unite against genocide, beheading children, female enslavement and total domination by one religious view we are lost as a people.

yeah they don t make rotors like they used to either…

If you like to eat not on the bone chicken products while driving the new twist is chickens will be sent to china for processing, then returned but still have the made in USA labeling. Don’t any of the people that approve this stuff think about themselves?