Are 600hp rental cars a good idea?

I remember when there were Hertz 1966 Shelby’s that were 307hp “rent a race cars”. A 600hp rental car? From my observation more than 90% of current “drivers” could not handle a 300hp vehicle! Of course our parents and some of us could handle 390 cu in 300 hp Ford Thunderbirds. They did not have another 300hp available from the go pedal!

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Heck yes! :grimacing:


I don’t know, but they have an agency 45 miles from me. Just might try one.

You serious . . . ?

I’ve driven plenty of vehicles with that much horse power . . . as long as you don’t act like a total ___ everything will be fine

But I can’t speak for anybody else’s skills

I don’t know if these drivers you have a problem with are too aggressive, incompetent, or some combination thereof

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Far to many drivers are incompetent. They don’t need excessive hp.

it’s all relative . . .

even many non-luxury and non-sporty vehicles have 300hp . . . and more . . . nowadays

I would like to have a vehicle with 300 or more hp . . . just because I would like that doesn’t mean I’m being unreasonable, by the way

But do I need it . . . no

Does that mean a vehicle with 300hp has excessive hp . . . not necessarily

A friend rented one of those 60s Mustangs at Chicago Ohara airport.

They “idled” at 30 mph and were virtually undrivable in city traffic. The fun did not last long.

Car renters are usually out of town visitors and need to spend all their attention on driving and reading road signs.

The new supercars are more driveable, but I think it’s stilla stupid idea.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Many people cannot handle 200 hp, let alone 300 or 600 hp. Especially if they are accustomed to driving a car with about 100 hp. The low-powered models are a lot more forgiving, because you get stronger engine braking when you take your foot off the gas, and more time to react if someone runs the red light or cuts in front of you while you are accelerating.

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These cars are not going to be rented by people looking for basic transportation, and I would bet the rental fee will be hefty.

As far as daily drivers and horsepower comments; most cars today have adequate HP in their base models but some are still lacking. We have many high-rise bridges, was behind a car last night that could not maintain speed on the uphill side of the bridge. Last time I had a car like that was an 84 Escort.

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I doubt if that was because of the vehicle design . Driver problem or maybe the vehicle was not running as it should.

Yes, folks that never move their gas pedal foot causing them to slow down going up hills. OR… What I see in Florida, actually lifting when approaching a hill. Yes, we have hills in Florida… little bitty ones plus raised overpasses (far more common) and people slow down for them on the highway. Sometimes quite a lot… In the left lane… Sometimes with brake lights!

They also slow for even the slightest “curve” they can perceive. I put curve in quotations because a curve best described as a kink or slight bend causes the same reaction. A banked highway bend, for example.

Yeah, but those people are old enough to be your parents.

I wonder how may of those Shelbys have roll cages welded into them, then cut out before return? Anyone know where I can get a Hellcat rental?

I can’t be the only person who sees people braking on a fairly steep upgrade.
I always leave a generous following distance between my car and the car ahead, but when I observe someone like that–who clearly has no clue as to vehicle dynamics–I give them an even larger space.

As demonstrated by drivers like that, there are too many people on the road who have virtually no clue as to what they are doing, or what they should do.


Sadly, No… I WISH it were just the 100 year-olds in Mercury Marquis but it isn’t!

I see “kids” do the exact same thing. I don’t know if younger folks are affected by the retired folks or just sun-demented, but they drive just as badly. :grimacing:

And I think 600 hp rental cars are a hoot! Might try one myself… a road trip in and around Sebring, maybe? :crazy_face:

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Don’t forget the roll cage. :blush:

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My observation is that most of the nervous nellies who drive like that are early middle-aged drivers. Perhaps they are people who only obtained their DL fairly late in life, but there is still no excuse for being behind the wheel with virtually no clue as to what they are doing.

As long as they are profitable for the rental company, I say “definitely yes!”

Some worry that any Jack Wagon can step up, pay the fee, and rent a 600hp race unit and not be able to handle it, making this whole deal out to be a bad idea.

Let’s not forget, there are plenty of these Jack Wagons that rent cars they can’t handle, already AND there are many of these Jack Wagons that buy 600hp vehicles or drive modified trucks like crazy people.

Here again, I believe we need to target the people, not the vehicles. I compare this with people advocating gun control with very restrictive ownership rules for all, going after everybody’s guns rather than going after certain people. Every time something pops up that folks find troubling we can’t just keep eliminating that something.

That said, I think I will look at renting a 600hp stray bullet Mustang.


To be honest, with all the modern traction control and other safety features, a current 600 hp car is probably safer and easier to handle than those 300 hp cars of 50 years ago. If you don’t mash a button to turn off an electronic nanny, it probably won’t light the tires up and get sideways like an old late 60’s muscle car would. And the modern car will definitely handle and stop better. But then again, if you give enough people plastic spoons, eventually someone will hurt themselves with even one of those. :laughing:

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I think you are 100% correct. With all the modern safety features a 2019 600hp Mustang would be less likely to lose control than it’s ancestors. I have owned 4 Ford Mustangs. 1967 Fastback 289 cu in 250hp 3 speed C4 A/T with shift kit, 1971 coupe 250 cu in 155hp 3 speed C4 A/T, 1971 Mach 1 351C cu in 295hp 3 speed C6 A/T with shift kit, 1973 coupe 250 cu in 130hp 3speed M/T. I managed to perform an unexpected 180 degree half spin in all but the 1967! I have owned other vehicles up to 450hp with no problems. Of course, that was then and this is now. My concern is having a 600hp vehicle available to todays disinterested, distracted, incompetent “drivers”.

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