APRONS? What are the aprons



have a 2001 Ford mustang GT and have been told " has frame damage - both aprons damaged" Does this mean it has been in wreck, or lowered. HELP


Wrecked. In unibody cars, the aprons (which are areas under the doorsills) are part of the frames.



thanks the car looks great, but it really is wrecked isnt?


{Removed comment. Learned where a car’s aprons really are.]


The “apron” of the car are the inner fender areas under the hood. Your vehicle has a front apron(area from the core support to the strut tower) and a rear apron (area from the strut tower to the firewall), and a strut tower (area where the strut bolts. These 3 pieces weld together to form one side of the engine compartment.


Dartman may be right about this. I’d suggest that you ask the guy who made the comment. Ask hom to show you if he can.


Here is a picture that will help you understand what an apron is.


Cool. Thanks. Although I realize the OP is the important one for the info.
It had to have been a crash. The guy should have showed the OP what he was alluding to.


I am glad you found the info usefull. I agree the the guy should have shown the OP the specific area of damage. The vehicle was obviously involved in a front end collision that resulted in damage to the frame rails and at least the front aprons. I would be interested in knowing the extent of the damage. IE: was the core support repaired or replaced, was the strut tower damaged, suspension damage, did the airbags deploy, etc… Questions we will probably never know the answers to.


I’ve learned something. It is a good day.


thank you gentlemen! you made me understand these things. I even looked online for a picture of this and could not find it. I am not sure if we really will ever know the answer to all these questions, but it would be better to pass on this car. I appreciate the information. I posted another body quesiton in regards to a conversion van, maybe you can help I would appreciate it. I have to make decisions on these cars and don’t often trust what I am being told. Take a look “rocker panel”