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Anyone using regular gas in 2010 Infiniti G37?

anyone out there using regular in 2010 g37. any real problems?

If your manual calls for premium fuel as required then that is what you should do so that you don’t have problems. Now if it says recommended you probably can use regular . Just because someone does not have problems does not mean you will not have any. If using premium is a burden then you have the wrong vehicle.


If the use of non premium is allowed, you may have a reduction in performance and/or gas milage. The car’s computer may retard the timing with non premium. As always check your owner’s manual. Google it if you don’t have one. YMMV

From your owner’s manual:

VQ37VHR engine
Use unleaded premium gasoline with an octane
rating of at least 91 AKI (Anti-Knock Index)
number (Research octane number 96).
If premium gasoline is not available, unleaded
regular gasoline with an octane rating of 87 AKI
number (Research octane number 91) may be
temporarily used, but only under the following
● Have the fuel tank filled only partially with
unleaded regular gasoline, and fill up with
unleaded premium gasoline as soon as possible.
● Avoid full throttle driving and abrupt acceleration.

It appears that premium is required, but it can be run on regular under dire circumstances. If it were me, I’d use premium.