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Anyone know how to charge my newly installed AC compressor?

I have a 1991 Toyota Celica, and I recently purchased a replacement compressor for my AC system. The system was sealed when I pulled the old compressor, and the replacement compressor was sealed when I got it. I tried to charge it, which I have accomplished before, but the system will not take the refrigerant, and the AC light blinks when depressed, if you attempt to engage the compressor while attempting to charge the system. any advice?

Advice: Have a pro do it…Was the old system running on R-12 or R-134a? Do you have the tools to evacuate the system? Why destroy your new compressor or hurt yourself??

You really need to take the Celica to an independent AC shop. The entire system has to be evacuated before you attempt a recharge. Has your system been retrofitted for R134a since your system was originally an R12 system? R12 is only available to professionals and is very expensive.

If your old compressor was trashed did you flush the system completely out and change the drier? If not, back to the drawing board before you even get to the charging stage.