Anyone in Colorado Springs?

We need help regarding engine work. A mechanic we got recommended off the mechanics files turned out to be a complete ripoff. I also know from what I’ve seen at my home town, but this is for my son who lives out there.

Have you tried Yelp? Worked for me in a new area.

Try the Mechanics files at the top of the page for some recomendations

He did try Mechanics files

I alway suggest that you ask 30 people near where you live and work…who they use for their mechanic work.

If you hear a good recommendation more than three times …try that guy out.



This place is 550 miles away.
The Yelp was a useful suggestion.

Duh, missed that

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I have now looked at the Yelp reviews. They were more up to date than the mechanics files and much
more accurately reflected my (negative) experience with a particular place.

I’ve wondered about the validity of Yelp. I’ve wondered if a business owner could either plant good reviews for their business or bad reviews for competitors, although I admit ignorance about how is works. I suppose it would be a good way to get some suggestions, but I like @Yosemite’s idea much better.

As I recall at one time anyway there was a complaint that Yelp’s summary was related to whether the business purchased Yelp’s servicing/advertising etc. I don’t know if that the case though. I have found Yelp to be quite helpful a couple of times recently, for a place to purchase tires, and for some construction work I needed done. In both cases the quality of the services matched the good ratings.

Yosemite’s idea is irrelevant; as I said in my original post this is research on a place far from where I live.

So why not let your son ask the 30 people Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, the mailman…whoever he comes in contact with.

Or are you looking for complaints about the guy that you feel ripped you off.
If so, why not tell us that story???


Hardly irrelevant. He can ask people too.

my son lives in colorado springs. but he is not a mechanic. and he buys mostly new stuff
whats the deal with repair?
did mechanic misdiagnose something?
or do a poor repair?
any mechanic can look at problem and offer repair solution