Anyone got some details on the 2nd generation Mitsu Mighty Max?

We’re looking for a little truck to do light jobs like hauling bulk mulch, occasional furniture hauling, snowblower/lawn mower transport, etc. We looked at how much we’ve spent at Uhaul renting their trucks this summer alone, and there are probably at least 6 more years of that frequency-of-use ahead of us. If we spend less than 3 grand on the truck, we’ll come out ahead on the rental bills and have a good deal left over.

We want an old truck because we want a cheap truck, and because old Japanese vehicles are cool, and because we want a small truck that is actually small, not a “small” truck that is larger than my 4 door sedan. The regulars here already know that I’m comfortable doing just about whatever would need to be done to fix/maintain it, so I’m not terribly worried about it being old, and I’m also not terribly worried because it’s not going to be driven very much compared to our daily drivers, so it’s not like I’m gonna be racking up 15k per year on the clock. Plus, if it breaks down it’s not going to put a crimp in anything except getting me out of having to do heavy yard work.

We’re looking at old Toyotas, Mitsus (and their Dodge clones), Nissans, etc - mostly Japanese imports. Gonna look at an 88 Mighty Max Sport (bigger engine. Manual transmission. Both good things) this weekend. I know it was a very* well-built little sucker, but I’ve been searching for a couple of hours and cannot find the hauling capacity. Not that I plan on being stupid and trying to haul 5 tons of bricks in it or anything, but it’d be good to know anyway.

Anyone happen to know this offhand? Feel free to recommend your preference of old mini-truck too - I’m not particularly picky about which old Japanese truck we get - I happen to like them all.

Not sure if it’s the same for all years but 1610lbs is the payload for the 1991 with the 2.4l. I like most of the Japanese mini-trucks of this era but our experience is mainly with the Mazda B2000 or B2200 trucks.My brother has a 1987 B2200 4WD and our grandpa had a 86 B2000 Extended cab. At this price point and for what you plan to do with it you want the one in the best shape you can.

Thanks for the reply!

I know they switched engines midway through the 2nd gen (the '88 sport has a 2.6L carbed 4) but that gives me a pretty good idea of what kind of load the vehicle itself can handle. That’s frankly more than I was expecting, which is never a bad thing. I’m not super concerned about the engine because, honestly, I know myself and I will probably get stupid and swap something better in some winter when I have nothing to do. :wink:

Not sure of the year but I did spot a Mighty-max parked curbside on my way into work this morning. I see many more Toyota’s or Nissans around here compared to the Dodge/Mitsubishi trucks.