Anyone ever use Ford's X-Plan?

My employer does a lot of business with Ford, and as a result, I can get business partner pricing through the X-Plan. My Google-Fu regarding the plan seems like it’s something of a mixed bag. I’m predisposed to buy Fords anyhow because my grandfather was a long time plant employee, but I’m wondering if the plan gets you a better deal than the usual, exhausting routine of car-buying negotiating.

Find out what the vehicle costs through your employer’s plan and check the prices on line at sites like They tell you what the average base price paid for the car is and the average price paid for options. You can also compare the cost you get to Ford dealer internet sites. I’ve found good deals at some dealer Internet sites.

When I bought my car 4 years ago, I looked at my employer’s plan, figured out what the price would be. Then I printed it all out. Took that info to my local Chevy dealer down the road (Who has a good reputation) and the salesman beat that plan by enough to make me buy on the spot.

There is a Blue Oval Ford employee forum that might have more first hand accounts. If you can wade through the gripes about the three tier wage system and plant bidding anyway.