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Anybody had 2010 Honda Insight oil problems?

Have you had any oil problems? How many miles

Meaning exactly what? Burning? Leaking?

My 2010 Insight has 80,000 miles and doesn’t burn a drop. Excessive oil burning apparently started with the 2012 model.

I don’t think enough of them were sold that you can get a decent sample size by posing that question in this group.

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Whitey has a good point . Apparently 2010 was the high selling mark for the Insight and that was less then 21000 in the US.

That was good. My whole post got removed. You go forum police!!~!

I also think that was an over reaction to remove your post . It has happened to me also.

For what it’s worth, I thought it was funny :smiley:

All I’ve asked (and, yeah, I guess I am the forum police) is that you please dial down the unhelpful sarcasm to new people who post here. If you don’t understand a question, you’re free not to reply to it.


I’ll try, :zipper_mouth_face:. No guarantees.


I agree in general, but someone who posts something that is not understandable could be helped by someone pointing that out. Whereas no posts leaves the OP unhappy that there are no replies, and with no useful information.


I agree with the others

Runon sentences are almost impossible to decipher

It weeds out a lot of potential responses, because many people will give up trying to decipher it

And statements, rather than questions, also weed out a lot of potential responses

could be worse, on Yahoo/answers, I frequently see ones like this:


Yes, I see what you’re saying. And it is true that wholesale silence doesn’t help the poster. I think it’s fine to ask someone to clarify, and you’ll notice that those posts get made and I do leave them up. But, to paraphrase what was removed above, “can you possibly make this question any more vague?” sounds much different to me than “what kind of oil problems are you talking about?” which is exactly what someone else asked and accomplished the same thing without knocking the OP.

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And still no clarification from the OP.


Or the many others that Carolyn has politely asked to clarify their vague questions.

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The question was posed in the topic heading.

This isn’t proof that it’s justified to be snarky to new people. You seem to be saying it is also proof that politeness doesn’t work either. Nevertheless, we are asking that our members not be snarky and rude to new people.


Yeah, quite vaguely. Problems with the oil itself. Maybe he just can’t find any. I know I have never hear of “Honda Insight Oil”.

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It seems clear to me that anyone that doesn’t have a 2010 Insight shouldn’t have responded.