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Anybody else getting emails from verobi

verobi November 22
God bless you I am Miss. Veronica the director of bill furthermore at the foreign remittance department of SG-SSB Bank Limited, board of administrator en route for my bank mandated me to look for least known relative of our late client he deposited in our bank sum of fourteen million five hundred thousand dollars, send a mail to my private email address ( so that I can explain more details to you, please acknowledge my mail, Best regards, Miss.Veronica

I know it’s hard to get rid of stuff like this, but be aware it’s a scam, and hopefully the moderators will delete this account fast.

I got this same message this morning. It’s a scam and I deleted it but saved the content in Wordpad. I plan on contacting gmail with a complaint.

Golly! We’re all related! Small world, isn’t it?

Got it at about 3am on 11/22. Sent e-mail to web lacky’s about it. A scam for sure.

rwee2000, I got it and did the same thing you did, I made a post here. Got a couple of comments but then the whole thread got deleted, which I’m OK with. I expect this thread will get deleted too, the moderators are aware of this person and have started taking action.

I’m guessing its a big job to root out all the e-mails and delete them and since this is a holiday weekend, this is a real imposition on the moderators. Those scumbags that do this are no doubt counting on this, but of course it is not a holiday in the part of the world where these guys live.

Yeah, I got it too. Just a scam, and not a very good one.

Got one yesterday; it’s a new twist on the Nigerian scam; I even received a letter from the wife of the late dictator. They must have gottten a hold of the Car Talk email list.

I’m OK with the thread being deleted, I understand the moderators not wanting to make a big deal over something like this. I’m assuming verobi managed to get a hold of the e-mail list somehow or had a bot send them out. As long as word gets out not to fall for this, then all is good.

Yup, got one too.

It’s a SCAM???

Damm…I just gave her all my credit card and bank information. I was wonder why it was taking a long time for the $4 million dollars to get transferred to my account.

rwee2000, that was my goal also, but I guess I wasn’t as tactful. Mine got deleted and yours got announcement status. Its all good as long as this scambag isn’t sucessful here, or anywhere else for that matter.

Sure I got the email, only to cartalk, I read it trashed it but now I have a 3 after my name, help appreciated,

Yeah, I got it too. I guess we are all the last known relatives of this person’s late client. I get the feeling that if everyone who received the email got to divide this alleged $14,500,000 that we would each get a couple dollars at best.

It is good to warn others of this sort of thing. Not everyone recognizes a scam as soon as they see it. My ex wife won the international lottery once and downloaded the forms that had to be filed to claim her prize. It took me over three hours to fix my computer.

Yeah I got one too. Thought I was going to collect $14 mil. Dang. Story of my life. How do they do that I wonder?

My boss will be very surprised to see me again on Monday, after my unique goodbye on Wednesday. :confused:

I got one last week; just another scam.

Slightly OT, but if anyone gets a couple of discount prescription cards in the mail that’s a scam also and has apparently surfaced in a big way.
There are 2 addresses listed. (one in NYC and the other in Washington D.C.)
One is in a building with high end fashion designers and the mailing address in D.C. shows to be a cubbyhole UPS shipping store when looked at on Google Earth street view.

SCAM? She wanted to deposit a huge amount of money for safekeeping into my bank account and merely needed my account number password to do it. She had to take the existing funds out of my account to make room for more.
Says I may keep 10% for helping out!
Now I be rich!

Those style scams continue to flourish because they work.
The hit rates are low, but for the guys sitting in an internet cafe in some foreign country, even one hit on hundreds of millions of cost-free emails is a profit.


You know at one time they were talking about a very small charge for e-mails, something like a penny each, I’m beginning to think that’s the way to go if nothing else but to help get rid of spam. Then again once they start charging for e-mails the price will go up and up.

Hey with 14 million who cares if they charge or not. Robert, if you need space in your account for more money, just let me know. I have plenty of space available for a small fee.