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Any way to test for bad gas?

Just his opinion but a small engine shop owner told me Stabil is junk and said to use the B&S stabilizer instead, which I have been doing and no carb problems since. My generator would not start after sitting for a season. The jet was all gunked up. I cleaned it and soaked it in Sea Foam and ordered a new jet. After cleaning the old one worked fine. After 7 years I put a carb kit in my mower. Everything was clean as could be and really didn’t need an overhaul. Like I said I use only the non-oxy gas which is only available in premium and Briggs & Stratton stabilizer year around in all my small engines and have had no fuel problems in the past ten years. But everyone can suit themselves but worked for me.

Up until a few years ago the same engines were used on blowers regardless of the brand. Tecumseh or Briggs. Now Tecumseh is no longer and the Chinese knock off LCM and Briggs are used and the Toro and Craftsmen spec that look very similar to Briggs so who knows who makes them? At any rate the engines are mainly the same. So clean the crap out of the jets and try again.

Used the boroscope, some debris in the bottom of the tank, may be clogging up the brass filter, pencil eraser size sticking up from the bottom of the tank the bottom of the tank. I may try a baster thing to try and suck them out, vs removal and cleaning of the tank unless someone has a better idea.

Can’t you just blow it out with compressed air? Disconnect the fuel line and blow through it, the empty the tank and try again? I really doubt you got bad gas from Kwik Trip but I suppose always possible. You can get water leaking in from the melting snow through the gas cap though depending on the condition of the cap. My old Tecumseh used to have a shield mounted over the gas cap to prevent this.

The filter is sticking up the inside of the bottom of the tank, So blowing it out will not do anything. The garage is not heated so wanting to avoid too much work in the cold. I think the debris clogs the filter and falls off when not flowing. Thanks for your input!

Once oil is mixed it’s too late to do this but in cases where someone has had a potential bad gas complaint what I’ve done is take a sample, dump a few tablespoons on concrete away from everything, and throw a match on it.

Good gas will go up instantly. Dubious gas will ignite slowly. In one instance a burning match did not even ignite whatever it was that came out of the fuel tank of the car that was towed in shortly after filling up. No water or solid particulates at all; just an odd liquid that refused to burn at all.

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When you blow air up through the fuel line in reverse, you blow off the junk on the screen and it disperses in the tank, until you start drawing gas again and it clogs the screen. As far as a cold garage, invest in a kerosene heater.

Yes the debris falls off the screen naturally, so it runs for 20 minutes then dies die to filter getting clogged again, at least I hope that is what is going on, like I said big mama also had issues with the new gas, dies under load. Fall thet all was good for both, though no load, but were perfectly fine all winter last year.

Yeah my generator was fine too until it sat for a year and the jet got corroded and gunked up. My first blower was ten years old when I bought it and 30 years old when it died. So I know a little about old equipment. So blow the screen out, flush the tank, clean/overhaul the carb, and be happy. . .or buy a new one if it’s too cold.

If there are any left, first snow the stores are out of shovels,

That’s why I warned about trying to buy a blower in January-been there before. But when I was at the farm store yesterday, they still had a good stock of Toros, and Ace had a good stock of those orange things from Sweden.

I am considering buying a new one, but my scottish cheap thrifty genes kick in, I’ll make it work no matter how long it takes :slight_smile: even if I have to shovel in the meantime.

Think in terms of cost per year. $1000 for ten years is $100, or $50 for 20 years. But better hop to it, the longer ye wait the fewer years left to amortize the cost.

Wont let me upload MP4 from phone video, whats the deal with that @cdaquila ?

Roaring like a lion at idle, hits snow and it pukes

Running lean? Carb adjustment, jet gummed up, or running rich with choke not coming off?

Manual choke, looking into it, Nice thought, I may try it in 1/2 choke.

Thinking about it, one more thing I forgot about. I assume you have electronic ignition? Otherwise you have to pull the flywheel to check/replace. But I had a high speed power problem with my Tecumseh. I did two overhauls of the carb and didn’t fix it so in desperation I took it to the shop. It was still under warranty and the guy said he thought it was an inset valve. Sure enough that’s what it was. I don’t know what that means if it was the seat that was shot, loose, driven down or what but he fixed it, no charge.

I tried premium non oxy gas this year, had to make a field trip to get it, going to buy another gas can and mix up some dumb old regular, see if things change. I think it is a magneto. 1989 model toro ccr2000

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look for it.

Hey @barkydog am waiting for a reply from support with some info on this, because it isn’t authorized as a file extension in our settings but I’m seeing if it’s an option.

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