Any ideas out of options

I have a 2010 Pontiac G6. It was shaking so we went and got the rotors turned, last night on the way home from work the front end of my car started almost hopping, my rpm’s shot up to 5000 then back down like I was in neutral and the steering wheel was jerking really bad not shaking but jerking. Took to transmission mechanic today he hooked it up and drove it, put it on a lift and said no problems. Please help

Since the trans seems ok, you need another mechanic. Rotors would come into play while stopping, not while driving.

Actually did take it to another one he also drove it checked the tires and said brake calipers, brake pads and hose. But I still don’t see how that would affect the revving of the engine. The car hopping yes

The transmission is simply one component of the drive train.

You need to take it to a competent mechanic and pay the money to diagnose the problem.
Engine management problem, CVS, bad bearings, who knows but until you’re willing to spend the money on a proper diagnosis. you’re simply throwing money down a rat hole.

“The cheapest guy is always the one who spends the most”

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