Any crash test data yet on the new Mazda3 2008.5?


Mazda just recently added side airbags to the Mazda3, as its crash test ratings were mediocre without them. However, I have been unable to find any data thus far on whether this new model has been crash tested and fares better. Has anyone else heard? I just emailed Mazda with that question but figured some of you might know as well…


I don’t believe it’s been retested. Based on an article I read, when they did the initial crash test, Mazda had the option to request a second test on a model with side airbags, but they don’t seem to have. The article said that Toyota and Ford had second tests done on the Corolla and Focus at the time.

I think it’s safe to assume that the car is safer with side curtain airbags. Post back if Mazda replies to you, though. I’m curious.

And by the way, Mazda added side airbags to the 2008.5 i Touring Value model, but they’re still optional on the base i Sport. They were already standard on the s models, however.


I recall that the original testing raised a lot of complaints from the Mazda fans. Similar cars such as the Civic and Corolla were tested using versions with side airbags because they were standard equipment. These cars got the highest ratings. Mazda3 was tested without the airbags simply because side airbags were optional equipment. Naturally, the Mazda3 did not receive as many stars. This result was misleading to the public, since people were not aware of the differences in the way these cars were equipped.

I have not yet seen the results of crash tests for the Mazda3 equipped with side airbags. My guess is that when the results are eventually released, the Mazda3 results would be quite the same as any other car in its class that is similarly equipped.


It’s available from the US government:

The IIHS has not done offset crash testing yet, or has not placed the data on their site yet.


Regarding the link from the 3rd poster, that is not from the new model, I had checked there first, but thanks anyway. I did receive an email back from Mazda saying they do not have new crash test results yet…


It’s the 2009 Mazda3. How does that differ from the 2008.5, and why would it be stale information?