Any car maker attentive to cabin air pressure?

Had me going there for a minute.

@B,L.E. Two years ago, we were driving in Sequoia National Park in a rented Chevrolet Traverse. As we changed altitude, we kept hearing a popping noise. I was worried that something was going wrong with the car. We finally discovered that it was the plastic water bottles that we had purchased.


Unfortunately, that part about Henry Ford being anti-semitic was true, as far as I know

Yes it was. Sad but true.

Yes, and he did business with the Nazis. Got in quite a bit of hot water for his knuckle dragging views and regretted being so hard on Edsel after he died. Some still harbor grudges against Ford because of it, just like I have a hard time with Mitsubishi after putting our guys to work as slaves. But he should be remembered for his automobile accomplishments and not necessarily his social views. Like everyone else he had his faults.

Those mile long climbs and descents in Pa. really change the pressure and I use airplane techniques to clear my ears. If you don’t have to do that then the pressure change is next to nothing. Some other bad air effect may be causing the problem.

Henry Ford did business with the Nazis, but–then again–so did GM.

In fact, after the war, GM sued the US government for damages resulting from our bombing of their Opel factories, which had been converted to munitions factories by Hitler & company. While GM was fully cooperative with this conversion, they had no choice in the conversion of those plants–but they did still continue to reap profits from their new role as one of the Nazi’s munitions suppliers.

And…yes…GM won a large settlement from The US Gov’t as a result of that law suit.

Thanks to all for your thoughts. I do have sensitive sinuses, and yet I just flew with no problem other than needing ears to pop. Current car does seem to pull in a lot of fumes. My whole family is tired of the wind noise from the cracked windows. I will do more experiments and do more extensive test drive before buying again.

You might also consider getting a CO detector and placing that inside the car while you drive with the windows up. The CO issue is something that needs to be sorted out definitively as it could be lethal; although granted, it would be a bit unusual to suffer this problem with all 3 cars.

Taos NM to Austin TX is a matter of barometric pressure due to altitude.
We experience this constantly …here at 6500 ft…when opening sealed products like lotions , glues, etc.
The factories seal them tight at low altitude , sealing in a higher barometric pressure.
Then WE have the wonderful pleasure of opening the product to a generous BURP up here at a lower barometric pressure.
– a little tube of super glue can lose half of all its product in the initial burp…unless you’re prepared for that by shaking the product away from the nozzle before opening.

The empty water bottle clearly illustrates why I always put my lotions and other product bottles and tubes in ziplok bags when flying.

The empty water bottle clearly illustrates why I always put my lotions and other product bottles and tubes in ziplok bags when flying.

I make it a point to open all lotion bottles, squeeze all the air out and then reseal them before flying or driving to a place like Taos.