Antifreeze for 1990 Camry?

What is the recommended coolant for a 1990 Camry I4 (3s-fe)? I guessing it’s not supposed to be a brown so I think I need to replace the coolant that’s in it now but know some manufacturers have been recommending different types that aren’t compatible with each other.


My 1991 Camry used the green coolant.
I’d remove the thermostat and flush everything good with clear hose water and refill with either green or the new Prestone that’s supposed to mix readily with either green or orange.

After you have drained and flushed with water, add straight (100%) antifreeze. This 100% antifreeze, when it mixes with the water that is still in the engine, will yield nearly a 50 / 50 mix of both water and antifreeze.

A good general purpose coolant, such as mentioned is OK. Don’t get the long life DEX-COOL, since this stuff has resulted in eary rad failure in many vehicles, including my own Nissan which had it installed. My mechnic refused to use it, even though GM still thinks it is great stuff.

If you believe the valvoline applications chart, you should be using a HOAT like Zerex G-05 (yellow):

I would just check with the owners manual and/or dealer to see what’s recommended.

Honestly, I just use the manufacturer’s brand from the dealer in my real cars, and the generic green stuff in my POS cars.

Thanks, that’s what I needed to know.

Actually, the last time I looked, I didn’t see any of the old green stuff on the shelves. Yellow is the new green. Any antifreeze that says “Long Life” and “mixes with all colors and types” is the HOAT type. Most of the manufacturers label coolants are also HOAT but with their own colorant.

If your old coolant is brown, then it is way past due for a change. Normally I’m against flushing, any kind of flushing, when it comes to cooling systems, but if you have reached this stage, I would recommend a garden hose flush. Drain both the radiator and the block, open the block drain to do this. Then remove both radiator hoses, set the heater temp to high and use a garden hose to flush as much out as possible.

At the very least, drain both the block and radiator. Premix your antifreeze yourself, and I recommend that you mix two parts antifreeze with one part distilled water. Then put back the hoses if you removed them and refill the system. Run the engine till it warms up and keep an eye on the coolant level. If you choose to not remove the hoses and flush with a garden hose, then plan on another drain and refill in 3 years, otherwise every five years should be ok.

I’m normally not a ‘flush’ person but like you said that brown color makes me think it’s best to get as much of it out as possible before putting fresh coolant in. The car is in excellent shape otherwise so I just can’t see leaving any of that crud in the system.

I picked up a jug of Prestone that states it can be used with any color AF or make/model car and a T garden hose flush kit so this weekend I’ll go through the whole process.

Again, thanks everyone for the responses.