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Antifreeze around spark plug

I think the intake manifold has a crack because there is antifreeze around one of the spark plugs. How do you remove the plugs? Can I epoxy the plastic manifold?

You can’t epoxy a plastic intake manifold. It has to be replaced.


Which plug? Is it #4, if so, it is probably where the heater hose comes out of the manifold. Replacement is the correct answer, but I would be tempted to pull the metal heater hose tube out and JB-Weld it back in.

Why are you wanting to remove the spark plug? It’s pretty easy to do, but I wouldn’t do it till I got all of the liquid out of the plug well.

I don’t know which plug is #4, but it is the plug closest to the passenger seat.

I wanted to pull the plugs to see which ones are fouled but I agree that I need to fix the leak first.

That’s #4.
Passenger side closest to the radiator is #1. The passenger side is #1 to #4, this is bank 1.
Driver’s side closest to the radiator is #5, and closest to the driver is #8. This is bank 2.

I had a 99 that did this. The metal tube was easy to pull out of the manifold. I thought about trying some JB-Weld, but I replaced the intake manifold instead. In retrospect, I wish I had tried the epoxy first. The worst case would have been that it didn’t work and I would have wasted $5, compared to the $900 I spent on the manifold replacement.