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Anti-seize for exhaust fasteners

might be obvious, I have been reading about corrosion -

I want to apply some anti-seize to my exhaust fasteners, specifically the bolts/nuts that hold the muffler to the cat… maybe the hanger parts too. Is copper anti-seize best?


but here’s the reason: because copper will cathodically protect the stainless steel and steel material it is in contact with?

I use stainless steel bolts & nuts with antiseize. The antiseize prevents galling of the SS (SS bolts & nuts tend to gall) and the SS stays as good as new forever.

+1 for mountainbike!

Yes, copper anti-seize. That is the high temp stuff. And Yes (+1) for mountainbike, stainless steel fasteners WITH that copper anti-seize.

You beat me to it TSM, I too use Stainless for the exhaust…especially if I think I may need to remove them in the car’s life time. For the extra $1 a bolt it’s worth the effort.