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Anti Lock Brakes After Market


I have a 1999 Nissan Altima GXE. After a nearly disastrous skid this morning, I decided that anti-lock brakes would be a good idea. I know that ABS was an option for Altimas in the model year. Would it be possible to have them retrofitted? Does anyone offer this service?

Anythings possible, but it would be expensive because you need to add a number of expensive components. Don’t get some aftermarket thing, I’ve seen cheap add-ons that don’t work.

Your '99 Altima GXE doesn’t have ABS? Wow! Are you sure?

If your car does not have ABS, you cannot add it.

If you want ABS you have to buy a car that has it, but it’s hard to believe a top-of-the-line '99 Altima GXE doesn’t already have ABS.

Looks like ABS was optional back then.

A more practical solution is to trade your car for a car that does have ABS.

When I was in the market for an Altima in '02 ABS was optional on the 3.5SE model, I’m not surprised that ABS would be optional on a '99 GXE.

Was the GXE the top-of-the-line model?

Not sure, the list had it GXE, then SE, then GLE.

Don’t waste a dime on ABS for skids.

Purchase a bit slightly newer car with ABS and the important stability/skid control. Skid control is amazing. ABS is primitive compared to stability control.

Very true.

Jimmy, do you have winter tires on your Altima? If not, that would improve your traction.

If I was in your shoes, I would not stop with ABS. I would also want traction control and stability management. So the best option would be to trade in your car for one that has all three (ABS, traction control, and stability control, which might go by other propietary names). Traction control will allow you to move or accelerate in low traction conditions and stability management will keep your car on its path in low traction conditions, which is especially important in a curve.

I should add that your insurance company will probably give you a discount for having these features on your next car.