Anti-Lock Brake Unit 2001 Yukon


I have an anti-lock brake unit that has gone bad. This is the second time since I owned the vehicle. The first time at 50K, and the second at 95K. The dealer wants $1100 for the unit, plus labor. I have two questions; First, what is the harm of driving with this unit inoperable (other than it won’t pass inspection)? Secondly, is there a cheaper way of getting this repaired? I got one out of the junk yard once for my '91 Astro van, but is there any other source for these??




Using a non-functional ABS won’t cause any damage.
It just means it won’t work and you have to push harder on the brake pedal to stop.

Aftermarket systems? Have you tried a google search or perhaps eBay?


After re-reading your post, I find it odd you are on a SECOND ABS unit in the mileage you stated.

I have an '02 Tahoe 4x4 and have 120k miles on it with no problems with brakes, wheels, etc.


Yes it is strange. The unit always fails in the on position. In other words you turn off the car, get out, and you can hear it actuating under the truck. It almost seems like a relay getting stuck or something.
The first time, the dealer offered to fix it under warranty with no questions asked. I didn’t buy the truck new or from the dealer that serviced it. I overheard of some kind of recall or problem that they were having with these vehicles, and thought that may be why they were so apt to replace it. I know that these antilock brakes have saved my butt several times, so it is worth fixing. Off to the junkyard…
Thanks BC