Anti-Lock Brake/4WD indicators blinking problem



Greetings! I’m the new guy here! Any help would be apprecated.

My suv, Mistsubishi Montero Sport XLS 4WD (2000), is running great with one exception. The dash indicator for the anti-lock brakes and 4WD are both blinking while driving (from the time I start to drive until I turn it off).

I took it to the Mitsubishi service center and they told me that the car is attempting to engage the 4WD. This may pose a problem, especially if I was driving realtively fast and the 4WD accidentally kicked in, so they say. Then they went on to talk about how I should engage the 4WD every 3 months or so to keep them lubricated.

They quoted me $1300 for the repair.

My questions are as follows.

- Am I getting ripped off?

- Could it be some kind of computer glitch?

- Is it really necessary to engage the 4WD every once in a while to keep it lubricated?


It depends. What are they going to do for $1300.


I have a 2000 Chev. Blazer and had same problem last year. It did finally kick into 4WD and wouldn’t come out! One mechanic misdiagnosed and gave repair estimate of $1,800! I took it somewhere else and they fixed it after several tries. Sorry, don’t know exactly what they did, but I do have the paperwork. I will gladly share that info. with you. Write me at and I’ll look it up and let you know. They did finally fix it and it wasn’t what the other guy had originally said.


In the end how much did you pay for repairs ( if you don’t mind me asking)?


He said they were replacing the engagement switches for the transfer case (I think he said a total of 4 switches) in addition to replacing the cellanoid pack(not sure about spelling). The total on this is about $1000.

The other $300 is for something I failed to mention earlier. It is for repairs on my antenna, which is not retracting as it should. Instead it makes a loud noise, attempting to retract. After a while it stops. The technician told me it was a broken belt. They would have to replace that and clean out the debris etc.


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I want to say maybe $3-400 ? I had a couple of things done. I’ll look up the paperwork and get back to you.


Hey, my dad spoke with a mechanic from a Chevy dealer in his hometown, that guy said he has never seen the need to replece everything like they are trying to do. He said it can only be 3 different things to fix in these cases. None are very expensive. But he said highly unlikely that everything would ever have to replaced.



The high cost of gaining a “peace of mind”…the information gap is really getting costly for me.

I’m gonna start a company called, “Mechanics in your pocket”, an application for handhelds that give easy access to registered mechanics so objective opinions could be right at your fingertips…lol

Anyway, thanks for the information!!!