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Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4 problems

My montero seams to be trying to shift into 4x4 while I’m driving. Usually while slowing down I will here a zzzzzzzzz noise I can feel the vibraion when I stop the car I hear and feel a thud and my 4x4 indicator light will then blink on and off. I cant find a Haynes or chilton manual for a 1997 montero sport xls any advise on where to start I called the dealer they do not offer a teardown manual what are small shops using for referance. I thinking a bad relay or sensor. Hepl please

Is this a lever activated or push button 4x4? If it’s a push button, does it have an “auto” setting?

which lights,frt wheels or 4x4,or all.

Its a lever should have said that to start thanks

its the 4x4 and occationaly the anti lock light as well

Hi. I have the some problem.4 x4 blinks and anti lock sometimes ON and OFF.
Somebody help.