Anti-glare coating for side mirror?


Is it possible to get some sort of anti-glare coating applied to my driver’s side mirror, so that headlights of the car behind me aren’t so blinding? My car is a 2000 Toyota Corolla but this is sort of a generic question.


In the same situation I adjust the mirror outward until the reflection of the headlights is no longer in my eyes. I not sure, but I believe it may also reflect the light back to the tailgating driver causing them to back off to a safer distance. My wife taught me this little trick.

Ed B.


Ed … your wife and I are in accord on this one! Not only do I adjust the side mirrors, but also the inside mirror to reflect back into the face of the tailgater, especially the ones with the nuclear-powered death-ray headlights that are four feet off the ground. My fantasy is to have an aircraft strobe light mounted on my rear bumper for nut cases like those …