Bright Lights



So this is not as much of a mechanical question as it is a driving etiquette question. Is there a polite (I would also settle for effective) way to get someone behind you to dim their bright lights? I have tried a variety of things (driving super slow, slamming on the brakes, or, my favorite, the one finger salute-this usually leads to more trouble than bright lights) yet nothing seems to get the point across. Any of your infinite wisdom on interpersonal relations would be greatly appreciated.




In my rebellious years I had thought of a flip up mirror in the back window to get the point across, I have come to adjusting mirrors and ignoring the morons.


Had a hand held spot light that would make the point instantly.


Well? Most rear view mirrors have a little lever that you push to redirect the light reflected from the vehicle behind you so you’re not blinded. Doesn’t your vehicle have this feature?

That’s why this was invented. So some nutball behind the wheel didn’t have to go into some kind of road-rage just because someone forgot to turn their high-beams off when they were behind them.



What I have found that works is to use the night time rear view mirror setting during the day and at night when there are bright headlights switch the mirror setting…that send the reflection back toward the following car. Most of the time the offending driver backs off…


If you can’t run off and leave them (like I do) then just pull over and let them pass. The mirror shifting works too but I like being proactive in all situations.


When they are blinding you in the center mirror they are also blinding you in your side mirrors.


Slow down, let them pass and then turn your brights on.

Ok not a really wise thing to do, but it will make you feel better, until they decide to do something even more stupid.


Dropping a 40lb bag of nails out the back should do it. Bad for the other motorists though… lol