Antenna Removal Automatic Carwashes?

I have a Lexus CT200h with one of those stubby rubber antennas on the roof (maybe 6"-8" long and probably the same one used on the Prius). It screws in and can be removed. I’m wondering if it’s necessary to remove this before going into an automatic carwash. The screw socket would then be exposed to the water and detergents and I’m wondering if this could cause cumulative issues with corrosion of the threads or worse, allow water to seep into areas where it shouldn’t be and cause more extensive damage. I’m also wondering if it’s sturdy enough to just be left on. Thanks for your help Car Talk folks!

I guess you’re using a non-touchless car wash. That’s not something I’d do to a luxury car.

lion9car, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

No thats not an issue…Your threads on that antenna are made of Brass and will be resistant to water etc… Maybe you can use the end of a Bic pen in the threaded hole after you take out the antenna for peace of mind?

You know hoe the bic pen has that little stopper or cap at the other end of the pen? Use that or some other small piece of plastic to plug it up…if you can find anything…I woulnt worry about it at all really… Its more important to prevent your antenna from being ripped off entirely…thats the most important thing here I think


Not a problem, except

  1. I would not use the brush type auto car wash if it were my car. Yours is a high end vehicle, treat it as such. Use a touch less or hand wash with micro fibre when you can.

  2. If the machine would happen to contact the antenna close to the base it could damage the roof itself.

I wasn’t talking about the old-school style nylon brushes, but about the rag type (sometimes called brush-less) things that are in newer car washes. It’s hard to find nylon bristle type brushes these days. I appreciate the concern, but every Lexus dealership has an automatic car wash with these type of brushless cleaning mechanisms on site for their free washes to customers and to prepare their new cars for sale (as does Infiniti, which was my previous car) so I’m not as concerned about it as I am about damaging the antenna or roof. Thanks for the help and thanks for the concern.

When using a truly brushless carwash, I don’t worry about the antenna.