"...antenna broadcasting a signal so powerful it can stop nearby cars from starting."


WWVB Broadcasting the atomiclock signal.
WWVH broadcasts the same signal from Hawaii, I recall.
When WWVB is transmitting no tone, WWVH is broadcasting a tone and vise-versa.

Wonder how the guy gets home?


Um, wouldn’t you be a little afraid of an EV in the mountains with maybe a scrambled brain?

Nope. It’d be the perfect vehicle for me. A scrambled brain for a scrambled brain.

That is WWV’s Atomiclock broadcast heard via telephone.
It is the most accurate clock in the world.

Radio station WWV is a relic from a bygone era…While maintaining an accurate time standard is important, broadcasting it around the world with huge radio transmitters no longer serves any purpose…The GPS satellites also contain extremely accurate clocks that can be accessed by any GPS receiver…But turning off the transmitters nobody listens to is like asking the mint to stop making pennies and nickles or eliminating Saturday mail delivery or closing the South Pole Research Center or shutting down the manned space program…In the end, it’s just another government welfare program…

@Caddyman… Just another government welfare program.
“I resemble that remark…I say while living off two govt. retirements and on Medicare.” any thing we can cut back on to keep my retirement solvent, I’m all for. Count me in. I would only ask that when we shut off the manned program, we think about returning the astronauts first. I don’t want to appear completely insensitive.

Depending on the Russians to bring them home, that would give me pause about “astronaut” as a career choice…

I’m watching the implosion of Detroit…Anyone with bus-fare has left town…There is nobody left to tax…

Yeah but the bus drivers won’t go in there because of the city income tax on anyone doing business in the city. How to destroy a perfectly good city.

Don’t you guys have anything else to do? Listening to 880hz(?) and the tick tocks?
You can also catch WWV on local weather alert channels.

“For a good time, call (303) 499-7111” - IS A JOKE.
It is the National Bureau of Standard’s Atomic Clock telephone number which you can call and hear WWV live.

NBS is now called NIST - National Instutute of Standards and Time.

WWV’s transmitters in Ft. Collins and WWVH in Hawaii should be shut down.
As young teens into HAM Radio in the early 1960’s, my friends and I enjoyed listening to WWV on our shortwave radios.
We wondered what some of the strange sounds were. (Some were used in SiFi movies and in the late 1960s in Star Trek!)
But does anyone use the broadcasts now?

WWV transmits on 5, 10, 15 and 20 Mhz…No surplus submarine communication transmitters. I believe they use 100,000 watt transmitters (same as many AM radio stations) on each of those frequencies. The station is duplicated in Hawaii, to achieve world-wide coverage…Several other countries do the same thing…

If you want to test your vehicle for resistance to RF radiation, just drive up to the top of Lookout Mountain just west of Denver…All the big TV and radio station transmitters are located up there and radiate far more RF power than WWV does…You can take a 40 watt florescent light tube and hold it up in the air and it will glow all by itself in several locations up there…Housing development has stopped in that area because of health concerns and the fact that most electronic gadgets refuse to operate or are damaged in that environment…

Why use 100,000 watt transmitters? So consumers can receive your signal on a $3 receiver with virtually no antenna in the basement…

"You can take a 40 watt florescent light tube and hold it up in the air and it will glow all by itself in several locations up there."
I don't believe that. So returning on I-70 at night from a bloodelivery to a mountain hospital, we'll have to go up there and try it. My huge Tesla Coil will illuminate florescent lights and neon sign letters from a distance. I move the vehicles out of the garage to avoid any EMF risks.

^ Yes. One must compensate for distance from the transmitters, and phone circuits distort frequency tones and signals, etc.
EMS and ham people thought it funny when I posted my message next to other similar messages on mensroom walls.

And no interest as to the actual subject of the post?

The only people who think time is that important are those who get paid tax dollars to feel that way…

I like that my bedside alarm clock is always correct. Those radio signals are very useful. Unlike GPS, they penetrate structures effectively. I could have my alarm clock down in the garage under an office building and it would probably be able to pick up the Ft. Collins signal. But not GPS.

Way back when I was in the Air Force, we didn’t have satellites in synchronous orbits encircling the earth, and for navigation purposes the exact time was crutial. Our systems used the exact time and the latitude and longitude combined with our heading (adjusted for mag var and magnetic deviation), along with (from a “starbook”) a chosen star’s siderial hour angle, decilnation, and …(I forgot…what’s the word for “brightness”?) to “lock on” to a star with a photocell and get our exact location and heading. Exact time truely was critical. I’m certain that the Navy and other branches had the same need for exact time. I’m sure civilian mariners and NASA needed exact time too. It really was that important.

Today I’m not so sure it’s as important as it once was. But, then, I’m not an astronaut. My guess is that it’s pretty critical to them.

"For a good time, call (303) 499-7111" - IS A JOKE.

Nah. You wanna call Jenny at 867-5309(see how many get that song stuck in their heads now)