Ant infestation in my car, help

If you thought herding cats was difficult try herding ants . :wink:


From the U.S. department of redundancy department.


Somehow I missed the conversation from last year.
Just to clear a few things up about borax.
The 20 Mule teams (often 18 mules with two wheeler horses) hauled borates from Death Valley to Mojave CA. Other methods had been used to get borates out of the valley, 20 Mule Team most famous due to the power of advertising.
The open pit mine is near Boron CA. Lived near there in the late 80s. At that time they allowed you do go to the tailings to look for stuff. We did that one Sunday, an employee of the company took us into the mine explaining operations and pointing out stuff in the walls, found us a chunk of “TV crystal”, found us a chunk of a borate crystal. The wagons from the 20 Mule team days were still on display at the mine.
In the town of Boron there was a museum centered around the borax industry. I purchased a 20 Mule Team kit, still have the model.
Take a look on Google earth.