Ant infestation in my car, help

Over the last few days I noticed a few small ants in my car while driving. I squished them and thought nothing of it. But, I killed more and more and they kept coming. I opened my hood and there were quite a lot of them with a couple foraging trails-after harssing them they started carrying larvae which means there’s a COLONY in there. A queen must have newly moved in.

They seem to be nested in one of the holes right at the joint under the hood, unfortunately I don’t think this part comes off. There was a bit of old granola under my car seat which I cleaned an vacuumed thoroughly, hopefully taking away their food source. Any other advice on what I can do? They are argentine ants. Disgusting.

How to Kill Argentine Ants (and how the ant killers work) – Your pest guide

Killing individuals won’t do much. Terro works pretty good in the house. They take the bait (oops) and back to the nest and share it. Put some drops in the engine compartment and on the floor for a treat, or see someone professional.


I can recommend the Terro bait traps enthusiastically. The OP just has to remember to change them every couple of days because they get filled with ants very rapidly, and then lose their effectiveness. The transparent case of these little devices makes it easy to see when they are filled with the little buggers.

Do they have wings? If so, might be a group of termites which is looking for a winter abode.

No, they are confirmed argentine ants.

I’ll try advion or terra poison bait hopefully it works. Has anyone else had this experience before?

Before introducing poisons into the car, suggest to first try cleaning away anything an ant might like to eat, and giving it some time. The ants may move out on their own.

You can try the Terro Ant Killer. Safe for car and kill ants

Terro is mostly Borax, which is not toxic to humans–unless they eat it. Borax is commonly used around my house for cleaning purposes, because it is non-toxic.

Anybody here remember the tv program “Death Valley Days”?


the re-runs still play once in a while. watched a couple of shows a few months ago.

Do they still advertise 20 mule-team borax in the re-runs? I always thought that was the best part. The show’s content was pretty good too as I recall, less romantic and more of a realistic portrayal of the 1800’s west.

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just checked. it plays the re-runs on Starz western channel on cable

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I remember seeing 20 mule-team borax in at least one of the shows that I saw

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You don’t need to kill them, just stop feeding them. I had them swarm a closed, sealed bottle of fish oil capsules - so I put it in the fridge. Also they went for a being-recycled empty bottle of canola oil, no matter how thoroughly I cleaned it, including bleach (just to test their determination) - so I had to throw it out. They don’t want to be in your car. But they do eat tiny amounts of food: crumbs, dried-up-spilled soda pop, etc. that you may not notice.

Yeah I used to watch it all the time. I never really knew what the heck the 20 mule team borax was though. I heard why they called it that once but escapes me now. I can still see the old guy that narrated it but can’t remember who it was. (I suppose he wasn’t that old but to a ten year old . . .)

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Strong as a team of twenty mules, I’d reckon. I believe my wife has some in the laundry room.

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I have used it since I was a teen to get the grease off my hands. I still use it today when the other grease remover wont get all the grease off.

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I expect you are referring to Stan Andrews AKA “The Old Ranger”. He was the first host. Subsequent hosts included Ronald Reagan. He’s the one I associate w/the show, even though he only hosted one or two of the 18 seasons, mid-60’s.


Yeah that’s the guy. Had to have been in his 60’s then. Those shows made me think that everything west of Iowa was hot and sand to be avoided. I thought the Pres Ron was more Playhouse 90.

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