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Another "find." Any opinions?

Hi. I’ve just come across a 1995 Ford Aspire hatchback, 5spd manual, with under 100K, clean title, smogged… yadda yadda. Offered at $1995.

With a little research I found that this car gets an average of about 35mpg!!! The car looks to be in good condition in and out, with the wear and tear expected on a 14 year old car. This would be an ideal “cheap” car for us.

So I’d appreciate anyone’s input on the good, bad, and ugly–(aside from the fact that it IS ugly. And not funky/ugly, but just plain UGLY ugly)–on this car before I pounce on it. 35mpg… come on! Can it be THAT bad???

It’s basically a rebadged Kia. In 1995 Kias weren’t known for anything good. At $1995 it’s comically overpriced. The blue book value for a private party sale for the car you described is under $1000.

Have you actually had a chance to drive the car and establish that it does indeed get 35mpg? If you are going from a 1995 EPA figure the car probably gets less. What does a mechanic say about the car or is the car so cheap you feel having it inspected is a waste of money because the mechanics report would not affect your decision anyway?

Dealer retail on a clean car with AM/FM/Cassette, AC, and rear defroster and 97,000 miles is $1300. It goes for about $800 from a private party. It’s way overpriced. Offer them a fair price and see if they take it. If not call back in a couple of weeks and see if they changed their minds.

I’d definitely take it on a long test drive before you buy it. They are pretty crummy cars and really for as flimsy and underpowered as they are they don’t get that great of gas mileage. If I wanted to drive a crummy tin can like that, I’d pick something that at least gets spectacular mileage like a Geo Metro or Honda CRX.

For just wanting a higher-quality and still pretty efficient car, I’d look at cars more in the next level up of substantiality, like a Civic, Corolla, Prizm, Cavalier, Contour, etc.

At best, and it better be gorgeous and come with maintenance records from new (in other words, nearly perfect), this is a $1,000 car.

$1,995 is a joke.

smogged… yadda yadda

What does that mean?

I believe it means “the car has passed an emissions test, etc, etc.”

It still isn’t worth two grand.

Okay, understood. I am still mildly, lukewarmedly interested in this car. So if I like the car, putting in a low offer is the way to go, I guess. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the heads up. I actually hadn’t checked that just yet, and you’re right! Kbb in excellent condition (which this baby is not) is $1960.

Yeah, about that…

OKAY! Fine, maybe I’ll need to move along on this one. Again. The hunt continues.

If I owned that car, I’d be perfectly happy to take $2000 from you for it. I might also be happy to take $1000. Only you know how set the seller is on that figure. Have a little fun and negotiate.