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Another Coolant Temperature Sensor Question

thanks to all of you who have helped me with my dilema. i have one more question please:

are the Coolant Temperature Sensor and the Coolant Temperature Sender different from each other or are they two terms for the same unit? thanxs again for all your help.

They can be identical items. A temperature sender is an older term and is referred to as a “sender” because its sends its signal to a dash gauge.

Some people say “sensor,” and some say “sender.”

Same device.

There is no “x” in the word, “thanks.”

The general consensus among parts suppliers seems to be that the sensor is what collects temperature data for the computer and the temperature sender is what sends it to the gauge in your dash. Usually the sensor will have some sort of electronic-looking connector, wheras the sender is usually just a regular old blade connector.

You can have one that turns the fan on and a different one that sends the info to the computer. You can have the one that sends info to the computer and then the computer tells the fan when. There could even be three but I don’t know.