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Another Automotive Quiz

This is my creation from memory and I welcome correction
the category s American Cars after WWll

1 : Who made the first 327 cubic inch 8 cylinder engine?

2 : who made the first 289 cubic inch V8 engine?

3 : Who made the first 350 cubic inch V8 engine?

4 : Who made the first 327 Cubic inch V8 engine?

The answers are

1 : Packard straight eight.

2: Studebaker 1957.

3 : Plymouth 1958

4 : 1956 Nash Ambassador/ 1957 Rambler Rebel.

Holy S&*^… I read through this without looking thinking i had the answers… I did not, not a single one of them.

Tough quiz. I did not get any right either.

So many people think the AMC 327 was a Chevy engine and the Studebaker 289, which started out as a 232 in 1951, was a Ford motor.