Annoying beeping

i have a 94 lincoln continental that constantly beeps with the check engine light flashing. i’ve had the oil sending unit replaced as recommended by the ford dealer but that did no good. it’s been doing this for about two years now so i’m not convinced anything major is wrong with the engine. can the warning buzzer be disabled? or what’s the next step to stop this annoying warning buzzer?

Things wear out, and at your car’s age there may be many reasons for the check engine light to come on. If the check engine light is on, some emission-related part or system is not working correctly.

If you can have your engine’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes read out at an autozone or your local shop, those would be helpful here and in the shop for diagnosing exactly what is malfunctioning. Post them here when you get them.

Wow. Your car has had a flashing check engine light for two years? A flashing check engine light should not be ignored at all, let alone for two years.

A constantly illuminated check engine light usually indicates a mild problem, like a bad catalytic converter or a bad Oxygen sensor. Ignoring that might not harm your car. A flashing check engine light indicates something more serious. You should take it to a mechanic for a professional diagnosis. Keep looking for a proper diagnosis until the problem is solved. Obviously, the Ford dealer didn’t solve the problem. Find a trustworthy independent mechanic who is willing to work on it until it is fixed properly.

[i]Are you trying to make my head explode?[/i] The solution is to take better care of your car, not disable the idiot lights. Do you know why they are called idiot lights?