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Annoy neighbors?

Redneck neighbors. Notice 30 ft chain holding up motor. Tarzan did that.

How recent was the fire?

Travel or car trailer burnt to the frame rails??
Does your area have zoning laws?

It looks like two trailers since the ramp is in the middle. Both are in rough shape. Is the suspended engine a redneck tire swing?

It looks like they salvaged an engine from a burned RV, does that annoy you or do you annoy them?

Rv burned there. I assume frame will be removed? I think bubba looked up at tree and thought perfect hoist location?

I have my doubts that the limb would support just one head off that engine.

But on second look I see that the chain(s) continue upward to some hopefully more robust branch.

Perhaps the “nice neighbor” will be underneath the engine when the branch breaks

I doubt @Cavell will shed any tears

He’s not my neighbor. Kid sent me pic today. His area. My neighbor did burn his attached garage down with 2 cars inside and 2 about 3 ft from door. I got to look at that for 9 months. Yes house was vacant for that long. Displaced owners did not mow yard too.

As much as I don’t like my HOA, but sometimes they come in handy.

On the upside, the engine is easy to work on … lol …

This was a few years ago but what my aunt had to look at from her yard, before the fence was installed, down the street to the right of this photo there was a toilet in the front yard, for some time


Is that one of those “Meyers” dune buggies?

I recently read an article about a guy named Meyers who was apparently the father of those vehicles

It’s called a “Meyers Manx”. A fiberglass surfboard maker named Bruce Meyers designed and produced the first one in 1964 to be mounted on a VW (they were rear-engine air-cooled back then) for use as a dune buggy. He expected the resulting buggy to fall apart under the stresses of riding the dunes, but it performed unexpectedly great. He started selling the bodies, but the idea was SO simple that others easily copied it and he never really made a great deal of money on it. He still has, and still drives, the original. It was the first “unified tub” body that I’m aware of that successfully went into production, the same basic “tub” design used today by Lotus, MacClaren, and all other hypercars. I remember when the Manx came out very well, and I’ve always considered it an extremely underappreciated stroke of genius. Someone with limited funds and facilities could actually build their own car.

I couldn’t see it in the photo, but here are some sites about it.

As regards the subject of the post, the neighbor, perhaps he was uninsured and lacks to funds to rebuild. The most recent photo shows a trailer, so maybe he’s trying to clean it up by himself.

I used to work with someone who had one of the original Myers Manx dune buggy’s, don’t know if this was one of them because there were cheap knock-off versions made later.
@the_same_mountainbike the Manx is peeking out just to the left of the blue truck bed/trailer

Just a bit of trivea… Bruce Meyers said in an interview once that the reason he made the tops of the fenders flat was so they could set beer cans on them. He was well known as a SoCal party guy.

“the reason he made the tops of the fenders flat was so they could set beer cans on them”

That is refreshing honesty :smiley:

Woly, thanks… now that I see it, that sure does look like a Manx!

Ever hear of the "Purple Potato Chip " ?

Nope. What’s that?