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And The Winner is?

Some weeks ago, I commented that I ate a Whopper in Tehucan without the bun, and thought it was healthy that way. Several people disagreed with me but did not supply sources for their disagreement, except to point out they could do better and cheaper at home which is a no-brainer. (Better explain, that means it is so obvious that one without a brain can agree one can do better and cheaper at home. An old saying where I was born and raised.)

On a recent trip back to the States early last month, I decided to check out the competition. But, first car stuff to keep this legal.

My daughter lives on a golf course in a town near McAllen. I decided to walk the block to the closest MacDonalds to scope out the Big Mac without bun. This is at a junction of new I-2, Shary Road and Cimarron. A lot of traffic. I get nervous trying to cross Shary Road, but figured walking to MacD would be no sweat. Actually, I had to jump for my life twice in the MacD parking lot.:slight_smile:

My son-in-law took his NSX to the Corvette car show, and it attracted a lot of attention as you can imagine. Runs like a Ferrari;:(he was told it should run 150 and it has 200 mph tires), looks like a Ferrari; but you can allegedly buy maintenance parts at Autozone and Advanced. He said he is nervous every time he takes it out of the garage. They made 8,000 and 6,000 are still running.

Now for the winner. Hands down the Mexican Whopper won for taste and texture. Fantastic.

Next was the large hamburger from Jack In The Box. Not too tasty and didn’t have a good texture.

Poor Big Mac. Yukky! No taste, and made me want to chant, “Where’s The Beef?” Three high carb bun parts and very little food in it.

We have been back a few days and learned that a team of doctors and nurses were coming for free medical treatment of the people here, it’s a “highly marginalized” community. We went to church on Sunday with no clue our week was going to be more interesting than we expected. My wife found out there were six of them, and instantly volunteered to have them at our house.

There was a big sigh of relief from the church members. We are the only people with six full sized beds for visitors and resources to take care of them. However, several women did volunteer to come help do the work of feeding them and in general making them comfortable.

They came yesterday and immediately opened up for patients. They had around 30 yesterday. In the evening, just as we were leaving, a girl came in in anaphylactic shock. A doctor’s wife had an Epi-pen, a pen like device which injects epinephrine in the body. Saved her!!! It would have been well over half an hour to the nearest hospital. Just saving that girl from possible but not certain death made it worth their efforts.

The doctor’s wife asked for us to check with the pharmacies to get a replacement. No luck. I told them my best friend is a doctor with a pharmacy, just down the hill. But, let us go home, the women have the evening meal ready. And, I can call him. He had several of the needed items, and we picked them up this morning. He gave them four, refused any money for them.

This is one medical crew which went home with a very different view of the Mexican people. Most visitors do not encounter the upper social classes here and my friend and his wife are all of that. It has been so far a very successful week.

I went with my 2009 Sienna to pick them up, but they decided to bring them in the big old Ford van supplied for their use. They were surprised to see Fast Internet; 4 showers; free unlimited calling to the US; and the final game of the World Series on satellite TV.

Don’t know about hamburgers, but the Mexican version of Coca Cola definitely tastes superior than the US version imo. One theory I’ve heard is the Mexican version of Coca Cola uses cane sugar (sucrose) while the US version uses a fructose type sugar. I can buy Mexican Coca Cola here in San Jose w/no trouble, even WalMart stocks it. But it is quite a bit more expensive.

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My son drove to Cleveland for the game. No tickets but watched with a bunch of Cubs fans in a bar. Figured it was a once in a lifetime experience and on his bucket list. I was happy to watch it on TV.

Yeah, Doctors Without Borders is one of the organizations I give to. Too bad they actually get attacked in some areas of the world by people they are trying to help.

When I was a kid all sofa was made with sugar. By the time I was in my 40s most if not all soft drink manufacturers were using fructose.

A hamburger without a bun is the question? Not in my wildest nightmares, like driving in the mountains with like a near vertical downhill road, and even some scary bridge dreams, or reality like in San Francisco fearing if I hit the gas too hard at an uphill stop sign the car could flip.

Yup, George, that’s exactly why it tastes better. It’s the Coca-Cola I grew up with.
I can buy it just about everywhere, even Walmart, even up here in NH, almost as far away from Mexico as one can get in the contiguous United States! :smile:

Yes you can buy Coke with real sugar at Costco and Vajarta (? sp) here in California. It does taste better and it is even healthier.

Now you still need a car if you are going to drive there (this makes my post legit).

You can buy it anywhere in California. When I was there visiting my son in August, we stopped at a random convenience store in the San Fernando Valley to pick some up.

Truth is, you can buy it almost anywhere in NH too!

I’m not sure I’d ever agree that any kind of Coca-Cola and/or Whopper are healthy, bun or no bun

Sure, one won’t kill you, but if you eat that kind of stuff every day, don’t expect good things to happen


LOL, true.
But the FDA is now telling us that high-fructose cane sugar is bad for us, more so than cane sugar.
Of course this was the same FDA that told us that we should switch to high-fructose cane sugar because cane sugar was bad for us. :scream:

Well, while at it, lets remember that they also told us fat is bad. Now we now some fat are bad but some are actually good.

Moderation is the key, if you want to follow these stuff, you might die younger from the stress it causes.

Yeah and avoid coffee and butter and eggs. Oh wait coffee is ok and so is butter and eggs. Sorry. But don’t eat meat. Oh wait . . .

Many grocery stores in Minnesota now have a whole aisle devoted to (I don’t remember what they call it) ethnic foods. I’d like to try the Coke but it is dang expensive compared to the unhealthy variety.

I have personal reason to agree with you . . .

Several months back, my cholesterol was high. Not dangerously high, but enough that my doctor suggested putting me on cholesterol-reducing pills. He gave me 2 choices . . . pills right now, and for the rest of your life, or change my diet and check back within 3 months. And I was also supposed to lose 5 pounds, at least . . .

I chose to improve my diet, lost 5 pounds as suggested, and checked back within 3 months. My cholesterol was very much improved, so much that he never mentioned the cholesterol-reducing pills again.

I cut back on the amount of soda I drink, I also severely cut down on pizza, red meat, hamburgers, fries, donuts, cookies, etc. Now when somebody brings donuts or cookies for the mechanics, I just keep on wrenching. That stuff tastes great, and really hits the spot, but I know it’s only okay in moderation, as you said

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The pills are more dangerous than no pills i fear, my cholesterol is high 225 or so but good is like 90. How do you do that asks the practioner? no clue I say, Occasional drive through for KFC, less occasional McD, butter only, eggs sure, only real mayo, Have a bud nothing but rabbit food, high cholesterol, must be genetics I guess. Now does top tier gas really help prevent clogging up a car, know so many people who have no problem with el cheapo gas, me I waste money on mid grade top tier, luck of the dice?

As far as top tier gas goes, I have something interesting to mention . . .

Our spare car has a saddle tank, with 2 fuel modules, plus an external fuel pump and filter/regulator. The fuel modules are removed from the bottom

Anyways . . . several months ago, I noticed that when the gas gauge needle reached a certain spot . . . about 3/4 full, I believe . . . it would suddenly drop to empty, and the orange low fuel warning light would come on. Yet you could put in almost no fuel, because the tank really was about 3/4 full. But if you ignored the warning, and kept on driving, in a little while, the needle would go back up to where it should be, right below the 3/4 mark.

Clearly, one or both of the fuel senders had a bad spot on the potentiometer. Either worn, or dirty with deposits. On this car, high resistance = low fuel reading, and low resistance = high fuel reading. A dirty/worn spot is going to be high resistance, so that’s why the gauge suddenly reads empty when it hits that spot. I hooked up my decade resistance box and simulated 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full tank, etc. The gauge works perfectly, so I eliminated the wiring and cluster as a potential problem. No doubt whatsoever, the problem was in the tank, almost 100% certainty the problem was one or both of the fuel senders

Sometime after I noticed this, I started getting fuel at costco, which has been classified “top tier” for a little while now. I’ve been paying very good attention, and the gas gauge has been behaving perfectly. No surprises. So it’s possible the additives . . . or whatever is in top tier fuel . . . were able to clean those contacts, apparently well enough so that I won’t contemplate replacing those fuel modules for the time being. There’s not a lot of choices, and you’re going to spend over $200, maybe even closer to $300, depending on how/where you shop around. And that’s just the parts.

The lines at costco filling station are pretty long, especially on the weekends, but if the fuel is good enough to prevent and/or fix some problems, then it may be worth the wait

Just recently it was discovered that the researchers who gave that report was paid by the sugar industry to say that fat was making people fat when it was actually auger.

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Why the auger industry? Were they bored?


I corrected the auto correct mistake. It was SUGAR.

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Once a month and no Coca Cola. Aurrera sells Cola Light. I buy it for use while driving to stay awake, and a cousin is on Atkins to avoid more angina which he had originally.

Several people have said Whopper without bun is not healthy but so far no one has given exact reasons nor a source to justify it if not personal knowledge.

If you ever drive in Mexico, on your way to buy a delicious Whopper once a month without bun and without CocaCola, use only Premium gas. They send the petroleum to Houston where it is refined then returned to Mexico for distribution. They add the additives to Premium in Houston. Regular (Magna Sin) has the additives added back in Mexico, and once in a while they wipe out maybe 1500 car fuel systems. This is not a joke.

When I brought my car here in 2005 a cousin told me thought one should use Premium, they sometimes had problems with Magna Sin, but did not explain why. I finally read it in the newspaper. DO NOT EVER USE REGULAR IN MEXICO!!!