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An unusual sighting on the highway yesterday

Well, at least the folks in northern NJ should be able to pronounce it, because there is a section of Union Township known as Vauxhall!

I think they imported a euro car for “racing/non-road use” and than swapped the plates from a 2nd legal car and hope none would notice. I bet there are many cars like that in the US. Lots of folks with more money than legal brains.

Well, it did have a very loud exhaust noise!

common now to watch cars shows where some shop has customer paying 100k to restomod some car and they take a tour of his warehouse with 20+ exotic cars. You think everyone is legal? Or US made? I’m not sure if jay leno has more cool stuff or Rick Hendricks racing. RHM is worth close to $1B. Leno is not

I agree. The Chevrolet SS was discontinued after MY17 because GM shut down Holden in Australia, and the corresponding Holden model is also discontinued. Holden will still be built, but in other Asian locations, like GM in South Korea.

Not necessarily. There’s a Houston Street in NYC and it’s not pronounced like the city of Houston TX.
The Czech community of Prague TX changed its name to Praha so people would pronounce it correctly.

Dont forget Louisville, KY and Louisville, CO. Looeyville and Looisville, respectively.

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I see late model Peugeot cars here in Mexico. And, in the luxury shopping center in Tehuacan, they sometimes have Renault Dusters parked inside the mall.

But, then, a couple years ago, I saw what looked like a new pickup and it was called Ford Ranger. That confused me because I thought they had discontinued them and only later started producing them again.

Here’s more info on the conversions:

Anybody else here remember when Datsun was making its transition to Nissan and sold some cars here in the U.S. with both names on the trunk lid?

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It’s encouraging anyway that if I’m forced to buy a Chevy, I could easily rebadge it to something else.

… and there is a simple explanation for that difference!
NYC’s Houston Street acquired its name when Texas’ revered Sam Houston was all of 10 years old, so clearly that street was not named after Sam Houston, and as a result it is pronounced differently than the city in Texas that is named after Sam Houston.

For a brief explanation of the derivation and correct pronunciation of NYC’s Houston Street, take a look at:

I went back and reread your first post. We all agree that the Chevy SS was derive from the Holden SS-V, and I learned today that’s the Vauxhall VXR8 was the Brit version. Thanks for the information.

Or “Loo-a-vul” (KY) to the locals.

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And you leave out Lovelaceville Ky? rude! Might tell you I went to Big Bone Lick State park!

Get your mind out of the gutter, there was a large fossilized bone on a salt lick, and Lovelaceville was there long before the Linda movie.

Of course if you are in WI visit Bong former AFB.

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Named for Richard Bong, top US ace of all wars, 40 in the Pacific, all with a P-38:


Very well could be a temporary import by a manufacturer, allowed for one year unless an extension is granted, would have to be either exported from the U.S. or crushed.

Visiting military from other countries are allowed to temporarily import a vehicle but then ship it back out at the end.