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Amsoil ATF

Is AMSOIL synthetic ATF ok to use in a 2005 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5 V6 tranny? I would like to change the ATF and go to this synthetic ATF. I have experienced some hard down - shifting with current fluid. The vehicle has 143,000 miles on it.

I wouldn’t. No reason it would perform better than a fresh change with exactly the type of ATF recommended for your Maxima.

What makes you think its the fluid causing the harsh downshifting?? Has the fluid ever been changed before?? If so, how long ago?? Have you had the computer scanned yet??


AMSOIL may last longer…but I don’t think it’s going to correct a problem that a transmission is already having.

I’d just get a complete fluid change with the correct fluid for your vehicle.

If you’re serious about getting the problem solved, it would be foolhearty not to answer Transman’s questions and follow his recommendations. His specialty is trannys. His answers to many posts in the past have made it clear to me that he knows trannys inside & out…which makes sense since he spends his days tearing them apart and putting them back together.