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Amazon Motor Oil?

Definitely a game-changer…

Interesting, the only oil changes I do are my lawn mower, 2 quarts, and a 3.5HP outboard, 300ml. But maybe I’l try it.

Since I don’t really care about brand, I’d buy it, but only if there is some advantage, such as it being less expensive than the store brand oil I already buy.

It’s supposed to be made by Warren, they typically bottle other store-brand generic motor oils. I want to say they bottled Wal-Mart’s Super Tech line of oils. Nothing exceptional about it, but nothing bad either.

Geez I thought for a minute he bought BP or something to refine his own oil. Horizontal integration buying media, shipping, oil company, tiny air force, store fronts, and anything else he can get his hands on. I’ll stick to Mobil until they are bought out. Can you tell I’m not a fan of either Amazon or Walmart? I know they provide a service, and getting something the next day without having to start the car is really temping, but still enough is enough. A little competition instead of monopolies. You would have thought though that those folks in Brazil would have copyrighted the name but I guess not. Just about every day though the wife gets a package from Amazon. She’s not the oil buyer in the family yet though.


The prices are good, though I don’t think the quality will be any different than any other oil.

I believe Sears sold motor oil under its house brand name. I can’t remember whether it was Allstate or another name. Montgomery Ward also had a house brand oil. Montgomery Ward is long gone and Sears is almost finished. I wonder what is in store for Amazon.

Motor oil for people who don’t want to drive.

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I think that was CAM that Sears sold.

oil is car related so i can see the point of the post. and we thought walmart was going to rule the world at one time.

I no longer change my own oil, but if I did, I’d use it. If it meets API specs, that’s all that matters, and I already buy most things I need from Amazon.

Walmart is one of the few big box stores with an online presence that rivals Amazon, so I’m pretty sure they’re not going anywhere.

One advantage Walmart has over Amazon is that many people find themselves at Walmart already, for groceries or other items, and picking up oil while you’re there is almost as convenient as buying it online, but without a minimum purchase amount or paying for shipping costs.

The only time I’ve ever bought oil online was when I couldn’t find the right viscosity motorcycle oil in the stores I frequent (Advance Auto Parts and Walmart). My current motorcycle uses a rare viscosity for a motorcycle (but a common one for cars), 10W-30. Most stores carry motorcycle oil, but not in that viscosity, and the Walmarts in the area where I live now aren’t as large as the ones where I used to live, so they don’t even carry motorcycle accessories.

At one time Walmart had a decent selection of products but now it’s like going into the old Kmart. Unless it’s name brand, the stuff is junk. I’m mostly talking hardware, tools, and non-name brand automotive stuff. Only once did I buy any clothing there but I think their clothing is pretty well low quality junk too. Yeah i’ve bought Mobil 1 and AC filters and Meguires products there, but unless it’s an emergency and late at night, it’s 90% low quality stuff. Heaven help us if they become the only retailers in town.

I understand when you are trying to find a hard to source item where Amazon is a good way to screen them but still if I want oil, I’m not going to wait for the UPS truck.

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The equivalent Super Blend oil at Walmart is $17.97 vs $17.27 at Amazon. The Amazon oil may also require shipping costs unless you have an Amazon Prime membership. Of course, that requires an annual fee.

The article is poorly written. It compares brand name oils to the generic oil from Amazon. It should have compared the Amazon product to other generic brands like the Walmart oil I mentioned above. I expect that Jalopnik knows the difference between brand name oils and generic oils. Maybe not, but because of the way it is presented, the article makes me wonder if it is a product placement ad in the form of an on line article.

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… or non-existent…
Last week, I needed some 80W-90 gear oil, and because I was going to Wally World anyway, I looked for the gear oil there. They didn’t have it, but fortunately there was an Advance Auto store a few doors away, and–of course–I was able to find it there.

Not quite

Many auto manufacturer’s have their own specs, on top of the API spec

GM and Benz are two good examples

Do GM and Benz list minimum API specs in their owner’s manuals? How do they go beyond those?

They have their own specs, more strict than API. BMW and VW do too.


@Whitey “Do GM and Benz list minimum API specs in their owner’s manuals?”

Yeah it’s called the Dexos spec. They specify it in the owner’s manual.

“Nov 15, 2015 - Here’s the short answer to the dexos dilemma: If you own a 2011 or newer GM vehicle, you must use a motor oil that meets GM’s dexos specifications to maintain that vehicle’s warranty.”

I believe some store brand motor oil doesn’t (yet) meet dexos specs