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Am I subsidizing a boat payment?

So my wife and i took the 04 Jetta to the shop to get a loud exhaust looked at.

They just called saying the problem is between the Manifold and the Cat. And it will cost just under $1500 to fix it!!

So, I’m wondering, for that amount, should’nt i get visitation rights for the boat on weekends??

Seriously though… does that seem a little steep to anyone else here??

I would certainly want them to show me the problem before paying that.

I used to be a mechanic and an auto mechanics teacher, so I tend to jump to the defense of mechanics when people suspect that they are being taken advantage of, but in the past few years since my daughters have been grown, almost every time they have taken a car in to a shop for any reason, the shop has either outright cheated them or has tried to sell them unnecessary work. I am at the point of rigging a car so that I have concrete proof of fraud so I can roast some of these guys.

Just remember your car has an 8yr/80,000 emissions warranty, so if it’s the cat that’s broken the warranty might cover it.

Go for a re-look from a muffler specialist. I understand VWs have high parts costs, but if the leak is where I think it is, a muffler shop can fabricate a good repair cheaper. If there is a crack in the manifold, then the cost is much higher. From your description, don’t think this problem is covered under the 8 yr/80K warranty.

Thanks for the replies. We did some calling around, spoke with the dealer service, They are going to check and see if it’s under the Emissions Warranty. They say if it’s the “Cat connector” we should be set.

I guess it won’t hurt to have them look… If nothing else, with the dealer, it may be worth pushing the, “should i be having these problems with a 4 year old, less then 25k car?” buttons…