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Am I overusing cruise control in my 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class?

I continually use my cruise control in town as well as on the highway. I use it to slow down and speed up keeping my distance. Am I ruining my cruise control by overuse?

No, you are’t

Check your owner’s manual and see if Benz provides a safe minimum operating speed for the cruise control. If nothing I see there, you can likely continue this practice.

I believe around 25mph has traditionally been the minimum cruise control speed for Benzes

I’ll go off-topic

I don’t think it’s wise or safe to use cruise control within the city . . . not MY city, anyways

Too many cars, too many distractions, have to be attentive and ready to slam on the brakes or swerve out of the way at a moment’s notice


I would feel somewhat at risk driving my plebian class Chevrolet in urban traffic using the cruise control but I rarely use cruise even on the interstate.

Are Mercedes Benz automobiles really given “class” categories? Which model is the maker’s ‘untouchable?’

No you aren’t going to wear it out, just maybe driving other people nuts. I never use it in town. It is designed for over the road use on long distances to relief foot pressure. In town it is usually hard to keep a constant speed and likely will reduce your attention to changing traffic patterns. You can anticipate traffic slowing down or coming to a quick stop but your cruise can’t.

Clearly, it’s the outcast Chrysler.

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That’s how I use the cruise control in my mother’s car, to control my speed so I don’t accidentally exceed the speed limit.

Could the buttons wear out sooner than they otherwise would? Sure, but that’s what they were put there for.

In urban traffic it can be dangerous to do anything that might slow your reaction time to an unexpected hazard, but in other environments it’s perfect safe.

I use my cruise control much like you do. Twelve year old car, no problems.

Newer cruise controls can react to traffic, I do not know how low our Rav4 cruise control goes but it will adjust speed while using cruise control,