Using Cruise control to accelerate and decelerate in traffic

My husband uses the cruise control to decelerate when coming up on the back of some slower traffic on the highway. Then he will use the accellerate switch to speed it back up when traffic clears in front of him. I feel like this is unsafe because he does not have precise control over the speed of the vehicle. He disagrees with me and feels that it is safe. I also wonder if it is going to prematurely wear out my cruise but am more worried about hitting other cars. He says he will believe what “Car Talk” tells us.

What he should really do is just set the cruise to the speed limit, and then if a car starts moving slower ahead of him hit the brakes a bit to disengage cruise and then start manually with the pedal , but just press resume after the car in front moves or speeds up to the speed limit again.

Cruise control is not designed for use in moderate to heavy traffic conditions. It is intended for none to light traffic only. If the passengers are uncomfortable then the driver isn’t doing a good job, at least in the eyes of the passenger.

Driver’s forget that since their mind knows what their hands are going to do in advance and the passenger’s dosen’t that manuvers the driver is comfortable with can be a surprise to the passenger.

Driving smooth and steady with no surprises is the way to make passengers comfortable. Herky, jerky, fast acceleration, fast deceleration, and screaching tires as you round corners will have the passenger hanging on for dear life.

Your husband feels in control, and you don’t when he uses the cruise to change the car’s speed. My guess is he is leaving the cruise on too long and you feel you are getting too close to the car in front. When he uses the cruise to accelerate perhaps it downshifts to a lower gear and your hear the motor racing and feel you are gaining speed too fast.

I doubt yourhusband is an unsafe driver but using the cruise in traffic is a “high risk” method of driving. I’m not “Car Talk” just one person’s opinion here. In this case I side with the wife. Perhaps you can negotiate how he can use the cruise in a manner that makes you a more comfortable passenger.

I like cruise myself and use it a lot more than my wife who doesn’t know what the buttons are for. If you try to tell him to never use cruise, you’ll have problems. Cruise is a handy feature the makes long drives less fatiguing, and saves gas. By maintaining a more steady speed I am more relaxed since I don’t have to worry about speeding tickets.

I agree with both posts and Uncle Turbo in particular. Using the cruise control in this manner can be dangerous.

Driving with push buttons is only for the PHYSICALY challenged person who can, in fact, drive the vehicle with alternate means and NOT for the mentally challenged alfa-male who simply wants to prove he can just because they’re there.

I use cruise a lot ( I40 wide open southwest ) and I personally don’t like to use the buttons because they’re either ON or OFF and not a smooth drive. When you let off of, or push on the button, and it’s not quite the right speed, you push it again and again to adjust, resulting in a very jerky ride. Sure he could drive that way but WHY ??? He has a perfectly good gas pedal down there to adjust speeds gradually and smoothly.
( when cruise is on , to decelerate smoothly); push ‘coast’, relax the gas pedal down to desired speed, release ‘coast’. ( when cruise is on, to accelerate smoothly ); press on gas pedal up to desired speed and hit ‘set’ button.

Here’s the biggest reason he should not drive with the push buttons when you’re riding with him…BECAUSE YOU SAY SO !
He can use ‘buttons only’ when he’s driving solo but when riders demand different the driver should adjust. When WIFE demands different, he WILL adjust.

( this is one of those " oh cummon, why push it " circumstances he should gladly compromise on just to preserve sanity in the relationship. )

I’ve done this and as long as you maintain a good safe distance I don’t think it is dangerous, however I have found it just much easier to use the gas pedal. I rarely ever use cruise and when I do, its just for a few minutes to exercise the leg and some circulation going again.

If you are playing with the buttons constantly, you are much better off to just switch it off and use your right foot…I bet he drives in the far-left lane as much as he can.

Well it’s just plain crazy!