Am I installing the clutch correctly

I’ve posted here not long ago because I didn’t install the clutch correctly so I’m just making sure I’m doing it correctly

Also the old clutch had certain heat points what could of caused it?some additional info: I didn’t use a clutch alignment tool and I reused pressure plate

Hard to tell from the picture in your other thread if the clutch disk was backwards.

As far as the disk being off-center, your camera lens was off center, not the clutch. If the disk was off center, you would not be able to install the trans axle. If the disk is off center in the slightest, the first time you press the clutch pedal, the disk is released and will be centered.

If you continue to have clutch release difficulties, look at the clutch pedal hydraulics.

I’m not sure if you could see this in the image but some of fingers are down while the rest are up( uneven fingers)was this caused by improper installation or simply a bad pressure plate

Uneven pressure plate diaphragm springs can be the result of heat damage, common in failed clutch assemblies.

Did you have this clutch release problem before you replaced the disk?

No this problem Just started after changing the transmission. I got the transmission from a pick a part place and it came with a clutch and pressure plat so just used it but now I’m using a new clutch kit

The Springs go towards the Pressure Plate. As you can in the graphic, the clutch has a high side with the springs and very flat side and that goes towards the flywheel. Put the clutch in place by hand and the clutch pads should evenly contact the flywheel and turn freely. If you put the clutch in backwards, the springs will probably sit upon the flywheel and not turn freely when held in place by hand and turned.

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Uneven diaphragm finger height is caused by not properly torquing the pressure plate to the flywheel.


If I was going to all this work I’d have a new pressure plate and throwout bearing.


Ok thanks! I’ll keep that in mind

Do you have a torque wrench and blue Loctite?


I do have a torque wrench but not blue loctite

Get the Loctite, and apply it to the threads of the flywheel to crankshaft bolts if they were removed, and to the threads of the pressure plate to flywheel bolts.


You installed disc correctly. And you are thinking it is pressure plate now?

It was facing the correct way the clutch was labeled so I couldn’t mess it up

Just out of curiosity, are you using the same exact type of tranny, or did you upgrade to something else?

The previous tranny was grinding gear so I got a new one(same).my thought process was if im already down here might as well do the clutch

well, like Texases said you should have put a new pressure plate and throw-out bearing too. If you are going to go through all that trouble, why not do it right the first time.
If you were going to put on new brake rotors, would you put back the old brake pads? I hope you would say no. :wink: :rofl:

I was being cheap lol but now it’s a lesson learned

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The old transmission was probably grinding (when shifting) because of the failing clutch hydraulics, you still have the same problem.