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Am i crazy? i'm thinking of buying a '78 AMC concord

I owned 3 American Motors cars in this time period: 1) 1965 Rambler Classic 550 with the 199 cubic inch engine; 2) 1968 Javelin with the 232 cubic inch engine; and 3) 1975 Pacer with the 258 cubic inch engine.

All three engines were derivatives from he same basic block and all of them ran well. As I remember, the Concord was a rebadged Hornet. IMHO, the AMC 6 cylinder engine was as good as the Chrysler slant 6 and possibly better. These engines had 7 main bearings. Nash, which merged with Hudson, had produced a seven bearing 6 cylinder overhead valve engine even before WW II for its Ambassador models. I would bet that some of this design carried over to the later 6 cylinder engines from American Motors.

less than $2,000.

i am told by the seller that the milage on the title is 27K.

Well, hard to go wrong for $2000. This car sounds amazingly like a 78 Concord that recently sold on Ebay for about the same price, same miles. Interesting…